Pay attention to the method, do the website successfully

August 1, 2017

of Baidu and Google snapshot, included, ranking as the webmaster must be done every day, have complained of a joy, no matter is happy or sad, are in a little calm mood to think about how much I paid for their effective labor station. Here are some of your own standing experience summary, hoping to bring you some help.

one, the weight is more important than included.

I do a

station for half a year, reaching the level of Baidu is updated every two hours, included more than 4000 pages, but only about 50 IP every day, ridiculous, but one of my old www.86516jy.com domain name registration date is 2006, for he did stand (hereinafter said station only refers to the station IP and 3000~10000) every day, whether it is within the capacity of the station or search engine is less, a comparison of the problem came out, Baidu and Google are like old misoneism, from 2007 the word dumpster plus.Cn domain a cheap radish can change a few stations flood logical into garbage station. It is also a consequence of a lot of serious do stand by comrade, later want to note the new domain name, follow the station has no meaning, how to make history back, before returning to the snow of 2007 a year, only one way to find the old domain 07 years before the old domain name. Then concentrate on doing the stand before you can succeed.

two, in-depth understanding of the search engine temper

if you make money from an advertising alliance, chances are that the ads will come from the search engines. I did a test, the test period of about three months after the station finished either first to Baidu or Google submitted it, or directly to find a Baidu included station do a Links belt, generally within 20 days, the search engine will search records, in order to increase the more IP, the beginning I submitted the web site navigation, IP is very high, but later found that although more than IP, but the income is not high. Statistics show that the search engine leads to a higher rate of page re access, which also fully illustrates the importance of search engines.

three, "old face"

has a lot of people asked me 07 years before your domain names are unacceptable, so here you can move, first note a new m good, then bought a few old meaning (of course, at the same time, meaning the best) to bind your website, just say the first search because like old misoneism, it is all old and new entries, as visitors meters impress again with access.

four, the title carefully dress up, as long as possible

search engine optimization excessive punishment is very terrible, if too much of your website title of hot words, and suddenly the IP has a lot of you to watch is not their own optimization too far, this is the possibility of punishment great especially Google, the solution can not be too short title. >

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