Zhan Chenghong how do enterprises carry out their own product promotion

August 1, 2017

recently made very few articles, today, "irrigation" a text, talk about some personal views. On the network, on the promotion of the article can be described as overwhelming, and all walks of life product promotion, we are looking for, you can find many, today, for how to carry out the enterprise’s own product promotion. As everyone knows, the Internet is now the power of hitherto unknown, the realization of a product sales promotion has become quite easy on the network, as long as the right way you will be able to achieve very good promotion effect, many enterprises have already started this effort, such as the domain name registration, company website and so on, these are is the specific performance, but many people think about this promotion is too simple, that the product promotion is hair post, writing. In fact, otherwise.

site online sales promotion

many companies began to have their own website, the online sales unanimously agree that the good domain name registration, on good page culture design their own products and the company’s website, online, then started the company website promotion based on this platform, as the maximum efforts to pull potential customers on the Internet the following is the successful transformation. This is a more basic means, but also a good effect means, that is to say, enterprises do network promotion on products, the first point is to build their own websites.

blog group building auxiliary propaganda

blog now is good weight lifting, some enterprises have already begun to shift our attention to the blog this point, based on the website publicity when it has reached the very difficult to expand when enhance the propaganda ability, we began to consider the use of blog to expand the promotion range around the enterprise website, set up enterprise blog. The release of information products, accurate promotion around customers, market and people. That’s a good idea.

life category industry website promotion

Chinese in Internet development so far, there have been a lot more well-known community, such as 58 city,, IT world, bubble and so on, this kind of website is currently relatively high weight, do business in product promotion at the same time, if you can around this kind of users more website publicity put you will receive unexpected results, for example, you search "in the Baidu search engine on the printer" search results are ranked in the forefront of the relatively high weight of the industry, the possibility of this time want to go directly to the main station through the search company is relatively small, and make full use of these weights is related to the site high free publicity, is ideal.

post, Wikipedia, know the strength can not be underestimated

often use Baidu’s friends all know Kakichi express our search in Baidu, when some product information, there will be a lot of posts, or know the type of information. We say that seeing our product information on the Internet is a good way to maximize our potential customers. Paste >

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