Renewal is also a pleasure

August 1, 2017

Baidu CCTV gate incident, for most webmaster, it can be said is a good thing, but also a bad thing.

bad: Baidu algorithm change, I believe most people can feel that most of the garbage station was was the result of K, the "Baidu 3W" Baidu hit a dumpster dumpster to A5 forums recently at an average of 1W, I believe most of the unexpected events in a panic psychological. Start a lot of help and low-key masters.

good thing: search engine bidding rankings have been removed, N many illegal sites, for good user experience and more excellent site has more affirmation, the Internet sky is clean a lot.

but for the future personal Adsense development and direction problems. Especially the Baidu gate event, for now want to engage in the Internet or want to do personal standing of people, the difficulty increased a lot, light for collection, for anyone is a problem. Included in the SEO is also the beginning of dealing with a problem. The review period to extend the time that many people are upset uncomfortable, the individual station 90, the face of Baidu (Baidu search help there a Baidu webmaster and create a better future friendly tips), my goal now is to update the 10 articles every day, the goal is to precipitate the user within a year love, let the user and forms a good back effect, of course, traces of weak SEO is necessary, now I update the site every day I am very happy, although little traffic, but every day people join the QQ group to encourage me, let me hold, personal feel enough, if you really want to make money, garbage the station has not long future, so start efforts and struggle is a must, the update is kind of happiness, let us still struggling small webmaster together, not necessarily adhere to the success of Oh, but Keep it up and you’ll make it.

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