Why is my industry website not profitable

August 1, 2017

received a friend yesterday consulting, said one of his clients invested tens of thousands, did an industry website, almost three years, and feel no effect, ask him whether he fooled others. I see on the web site, it is scared me, just recently in my spare time to promote a talent recruitment industry website Chengdu talent network, so I gave him some advice, now briefly through this case for everyone to share some of our focus on the need to understand.

1, for the industry site, do not think it will be profitable.

industry website is a good product, but be sure to remember, he is not omnipotent, not to say that one did the industry website, you can sit to collect money. Do half of the "doing", "half" in the "push", "do" in the process, we can use some professional service providers to do, push the process, we need to do it ourselves. Industry website promotion effect is better, there is a characteristic is that you should not only know some of the means of network marketing, but also to understand the industry rules and preferences. The most difficult is the promotion of industry website, according to my information, my friend said this website basically not how the tube, customers do after put in there, not to mention the promotion, even the basic optimization didn’t do, what about profit?

2, any good thing is not used, certainly can not achieve the desired results.

industry website is the same, we should guide customers to use. A look at this website know not how many, content maintenance, home information or information search engine in January 2007, almost no indexed pages, nor do friendship connection, this website, how can there be traffic and popularity? Anyone watching this station, may not come back and visit the. Industry websites do good content and continue to do well. Content is the key. My big Chengdu talent network, daily updates of more than 60, Baidu included every day increased also reached hundreds, updated daily snapshot, so, whether it is personal or corporate membership, membership, will feel your site every day there are new things to see.

3, from the beginning of the station to do that moment, to grasp the future direction of customers.

enterprises do the industry website, generally have 2 directions, the 1 is to do all the indicators, and then sold the platform; 1 is their own business to make money, mainly through membership fees and advertising costs. For example, big Chengdu talent network, I this station, just want to do their own money. From the beginning of signing a cooperative order, we must have a clear direction and needs, so that the promotion of late, there are goals. However, no matter what kind of development direction, we must do all the web site indicators, in order to achieve results.

4, learn to use various tools to monitor and follow up the effects of different stages of website operation.

for the industry website, to do promotion, the best way is to add links and make original content. Guaranteed search >

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