Do site navigation station, a monthly flow of 5000 experience

August 2, 2017


statement about the first, if you are a rookie level do not come to see, so as not to waste your time, here content useful to you. I personally pay attention to the network, there are also a few years, and in the A5 above also read a lot about standing experience, and the kind of soft. Self perception is mostly stereotyped, especially when it comes to SEO. I won’t say any more here, ha!


everyone says that navigation stations are the best and most difficult to do. I admit what they say because most people don’t do navigational stations, especially navigation stations. Today, in order to solve this problem, talk about their own navigation station to do a month of operating experience! Navigation station is very simple, the program is very simple, just the beginning of the links is the most time consuming a thing, sometimes you got confused and disoriented, several actions of mechanical keep doing, people will be tired! Station do not require a lot of headaches, but business is about learning


one, the early stage of the station, clear navigation station target user

this is a very important point, if you choose the navigation station users rarely, of course IP can do is not to go! The target user must choose standard, not big net, this step is not good to do it, you may stand just made up the dead truth, ha, don’t


two, user experience,

network everywhere user experience, I believe that the most primitive, but also the most advanced. One into your site, you must find what I want most of all, in fact, do your web site with the same soft text, step by step to guide the user to the end, of course, the collection will be better!


three, website structure rationalization,

, the user experience mentioned earlier, has a close relationship, and the website must be reasonable in structure so that users can feel comfortable and comfortable.

four, promotion tool

I see many webmaster love around the text, have their own personal blog, is also a large community star account, and several huge Q group, as is to flow, several promotion means more than really practical is also very popular! Promotion means different field site selection is completely like this, maybe a little many people ignore! Such as recruitment site navigation station, the navigation station of this type can make thousands of different models. I can give you to say so, thousands of navigation stations for thousands of users can group! What analysis is your own thing! I do not use a viral propaganda tool, no big mass or soft links, all by word of mouth come flow, the flow of the search engine is not much, settling down the visitors a day! Why? Because most visitors here in www.jobpk.cn get what you want, and add your favorites, you can’t say to traffic may


to sum up, the author is not for coming

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