f you want to retain the heart of nternet users, you must first catch the stomach of nternet user

August 2, 2017

network promotion for a web site is essential, if content is the basic site survival, then network promotion is the website development inexhaustible motive force. Because of its such an indispensable importance, many of our grassroots webmaster will spend a lot of time and energy to do network promotion. When we started fighting, round the clock in the network promotion, many net introduced the corresponding website, click rate is increased, but the benefits did not change too much, here we have to think about the conversion rate, click rate does not mean that the conversion rate is high, conversion rate is not high, the benefits of natural sites will stagnate. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of our site, we do website promotion, we must in pursuit of quantity of the premise issued to the quality of ascension.

what is the stomach of Internet users? How should we seize it? The so-called "stomach" of Internet users is the interest of Internet users and the popularity of websites. That is to say when we try to put them into their own website, increase their dependence on the website, so that users enter our website to change from passive to active, we only able to capture their stomach".

since it is so important to seize the Internet users’ stomach, what can we do to achieve our goal, and then share with you some ideas to increase the conversion rate:

first of all, the content is fundamental. Web content is to be true, rich, practical, and can not put some content to empty things, let them feel that you really have a redeeming feature of this site, otherwise it will make netizens very disappointed. The content of the website should pay attention to the following aspects: (1) the key should be highlighted. Every bean has its black., our website can not meet the aspirations of all, but there should be an accurate market positioning, to meet the needs of specific groups, here we need to understand consumers and visitors know what they really need, we can give what the target (two); to be clear, that is to say, you need to refine your market information. It is better to select an important topic, so that other relevant information is deployed around it. (three) be professional. The information conveyed by the site to bring some benefits to consumers, they will put their heart to leave, always remember that there is such a website to give him to help, only when we own their website to do professional, others will respect you, you can trust, eventually will become your faithful customer.

secondly, web design should be beautiful and novel. Beautiful things can always give people a kind of spiritual enjoyment. As the saying goes, "the heart of beauty, everyone has it.". This is not only a matter of saying that it is natural to dress up, but also to be fond of other good things. So, web pages should be beautiful, simple, clear, and easy to communicate. Also a, web pages open fast, normal people open web page waiting limit is about seven seconds, if more than this limit, people have no interest to continue to read >

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