For the company planning to create a website, must step on the pace

August 2, 2017


most new business owners understand the importance of setting up a web site for an enterprise. In fact, because of the urgency of making some of them too quick to get involved in the site planning, and unable to extricate themselves, and the consequences of this is the line under the large expenses.


launched the company’s website at hand, you should be on some days after going to face the key decision areas were familiar with, and in the process of understanding what are the common pitfalls, so as to avoid them.

1. selects a web specialist to avoid being "on the shoulder"". Entrepreneurs are often people who are proactive, responsible and have many responsibilities. But sometimes it’s wise to leave some challenges to others, so it’s better to leave a website for professionals. Hiring a web designer to undertake the development of a website is a very smart choice.

and the web design professional discuss the overall plan of the site, which should include the site’s appearance, content and features, and then let him burden. You should be aware of what’s going on throughout the process, and of course, avoid micro management in this process, especially to prevent the cost reduction by allowing you to participate.

2., your web designer needs to know about search engine optimization (SEO). A compelling and rich media site may attract users’ attention, but that may not be enough to steal Google users. If you can’t find your website on Google, all the effort you put into developing it will be wasted. Google must grab information about a website to index it (so the site will appear in Google’s search results). For example, if your site is all built in Flash, Google will index its text content, but there is nothing else. Some search engines don’t even index Flash pages at all.

when you’re interviewing web designers, you can ask the following questions:

(1) what sort of search engine optimization (SEO) will you use?

How does

(2) monitor the flow of Web sites?

(3) how do you effectively avoid penalties from Google?

site designers should know about basic search engine optimization principles and Google best practices guidelines to ensure that your site works well (attracting large numbers of users) and to circumvent the difficulties.

3. select a web platform that meets your needs. There are many platforms that can be used to create a web site, each with its own pros and cons and different price positioning. It is important to understand the differences between these platforms.

a large number of e-commerce solutions are available for effort

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