Do you have these qualifications for an industry website

August 2, 2017

I have been engaged in the operation and construction of the industry website for more than a year, with success and setbacks. In this year’s more time, more or less have some of their own views, here to communicate with you. Yes, please give me some encouragement, not right. Please also criticize and correct me.

in the industry before the site, some things must be ready, these things are the key to the success of the site. For these preparations, I would like to focus on the following two aspects:

is the first to have a clear position on this site to do, what you want to see what is what, what kind of function, what is the profit point, if these things are not clear, is tantamount to a headless flies, rattling around. I have a profound understanding of this. In the first half of the year, I was in a company to do projects, which is an industry platform for agricultural machinery. At first the company bosses are said to support our lofty sentiments and aspirations, in the end, must have a good job on this platform. But the result is not the case, because the company bosses know nothing about what they are going to do, and they always want to take shortcuts. As a result, our own website planning was forced to change and change, for a while to engage in information consulting platform, and after a while into the B2B e-commerce platform. At the end of the day, some of the customers that were attracted at the start of the day went out and were also dropped by search engines. So far, the site has been paralyzed, and the lessons are profound.

secondly, a good team is important. In this team, everyone has the dedication to the cause, can actively put forward their own ideas, the success of the project has played a crucial role. The era of relying solely on oneself to fight for the world has gone forever, and the success of the modern Internet can not be separated from an efficient and cohesive team. In the process of doing agricultural machinery platform, we have encountered such problems. Do you work on the lost passion, shrouded in the atmosphere each day scheme against each other, people feel very depressed. A lot of employees left the company, so that the outcome has been a sign of its failure.

above is some of my own real experience, and those who want to do the industry website to share with the webmaster. I’m doing Shandong talent union www.sdrclm.com and the Shandong real estate alliance www.sdfclm.cn the two projects now, at present is also good, but there are also many deficiencies, please take care, valuable advice on.

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