What’s the story behind what’s worth buying from personal websites to consumer portals

August 3, 2017


DoNews July 2nd news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) even if the soaring prices, you can still use the price of 0 yuan to buy a brand bags, 60 yuan to buy a brand of water heater, even with a mechanical watch 1536 yuan to buy a value of more than 40 thousand.

The scenes in the

online shopping information recommendation platform "what is worth buying" have occurred, it will cut the hand of the party who affectionately called the "rapist Zhang aunt", spend a lot of time on the website every day wandering, all kinds of "God price" and "cabbage price" bored looking for goods, and recommend discount ourselves to buy to other users.

, founded in June 2010, has evolved into an integrated consumer decision platform from an initial independent blog within five years. At present, what is worth buying in the flow of Alexa global ranked 262nd, ranked thirty-eighth in Chinese website; user login daily access to more than 20 minutes long, the number of mobile clients per day starting more than 6 times, 55% week and 60% month retention retention.

in five years, "what is worth buying" rarely exposed?. Yesterday, its high-profile announced the introduction of the "Consumer Portal" development strategy, proposed to fully cover shopping guide, media, tools and community functions. And from the Jingdong dug an executive – former Jingdong intelligence vice president Xin, as "what is worth buying" the new CEO?.

reviews the development of "what is worth buying"

"what is worth buying" was founded in June 30, 2010. It was the first version of the "Hi-pda" forum. Seed users are a group of users who are interested in electronic products and are willing to share information on the forum. Later, Sui Guodong founder of his own, this site has a popular name – "what is worth buying".

Sui Guodong recalls, the original "what is worth buying" form is very simple, "I was one of the most common WordPress template, a frame, and run in a virtual machine on Windows platform, when 300 people visit at the same time this site will collapse."

he said, from 2010 to 2012, what is worth buying slow, because only independent blog; from 2012 to now, what is worth buying fast development, every year at least 3-4 product line, each product independently carries a very specific function.

he introduced, in the course of five years of development, what is worth buying, from the initial shopping guide property continues to expand, now already both "shopping guide", "media", "tools" and "community" attributes.

The first attribute of

is shopping guide. "What is worth buying" shopping guide column includes domestic discount, sea Amoy concessions, as well as discovery channels, which is shopping guide property is very strong >

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