Lonely Chinese talent network reflects the plight of traditional recruitment sites

August 3, 2017


| Claire

May 8th, 58 city announced the acquisition of China talent network, after the completion of mergers and acquisitions, China will continue to operate independent network of excellence, maintaining brand and team independence. Were it not for the acquisition of 58 city, I do not want to this very early foreign "pure blood" recruitment website, the former "heroic bearing" and the "lonely" contrast.

China talent network was founded in 1997, is one of the earliest recruitment sites in China, in 2004, today’s capital investment in China talent network, Zhang Jiexian resigned from management positions, relegated to shareholders. In April 2005, Monster injected $50 million into strategic investments. In October 8, 2008, Monster completed the acquisition of the remaining 55% stake in China equity network at $174 million. In February 2013, the Irish Dragon Group officially announced the acquisition of 90% shares of the Chinese talent network, the Chinese network of excellence and my work network (Myjob) merger. In July 2014, China announced that it had received 250 million yuan in capital injection, and the specific investors did not disclose it. the final result, in the day before the acquisition of 58 city. is rarely the experienced owners of the Internet Co, from the capital today to Monster, and then to the Irish Shanglong group, is the last of 58 city. Every "change" is a great harm to the company and brand, awfuller is accompanied by the movement of workers, many reports show that big layoffs caused dissatisfaction, which also caused resentment. Venice 58 city dream

58 city CEO Yao Jinbo said, "the acquisition of China excellence network is valued for its 18 years of brand precipitation, 58 city recognized China Talent Network brand asset accumulation, and its professional team."


through the screenshot of the Baidu index above, you can see that the search value of China is only equivalent to 2006, and 2008 – the peak period in 2012 is very different, 13 years later began to fall into the trough. As compared with the qianchengwuyou and Zhaopin, overall is more. So, called 18 years of brand precipitation, more like a "lonely hero", although the "birth" of the early, but its fate seems to be dogged by bad luck

and now the brand was not as good as the original precipitation, can rest much, I think the dream of great platform is not enough to support the 58 city, 58 city for many years of hard construction platform finally took shape, from the strategic layout of city 58 days before it can be found that when the platform after they continue to "fill in" platform the content, let the platform is not empty platform, while attracting high-quality content in. 58 city needs a can support 58 city >

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