Grassroots webmaster how to operate the site

August 3, 2017

grassroots webmaster how to operate the website?

Chinese tens of thousands of grassroots webmaster, is not an exaggeration, every day a new website was born, the majority of grassroots webmaster is not much time to run the site, do not have much energy to operate the site, but also want to do Wangzhuan through the website, website but there is no profit, see online many Wangzhuan tutorial and shaken. Why so tired? You are wrong, do not focus on fishing for three days, two days, today felt this good, tomorrow about that person’s energy is limited, to concentrate on doing a station, like the Chinaz, Admin5 is also a step by step from individual owners go out the.

personal website profit is not impossible, the key is to see your ideas, as well as the positioning and promotion of the site is in place. Grassroots webmaster how to operate the website? In actual operation should pay attention to what? The following is Henan SEO to grassroots station of several reference rules:

1. site positioning, choose a good domain name and space


website also needs positioning, which is important in relation to the development of the post site, good positioning of the website, is the imitation of someone else’s effort, if the station, don’t try to do Sina, Sohu and so on, you can copy other people’s appearance, but you can not fake the core competitiveness of the people, take people’s ideas the best, grassroots webmaster take different route, go the other way, only to be cornered.

said that although now the good domain is hard to find, but we still have to pay attention in the choice of domain name is a lot of domestic, suggest the best to use pinyin, about domain name should pay attention to when choosing problems can refer to: http://s.0373seo.com/post/seo-yuming-xuanze.html, domain name, basically represents your website brand, the high cost of replacement of the domain name, so the choice of the domain name needs to be.

as for the site space, consider more questions, such as can be online with the number of people, whether or not to limit traffic per month, the space stability is good, how to find the speed, and so on. At the same time check on the same server have what site, whether it has been K website, etc., but now the space can first try, and then buy.

2. website promotion is essential

is not new website promotion is very difficult to get traffic, a traffic site is of no value, so the website promotion is very important, currently used as forum marketing, blog marketing, e-mail marketing, viral marketing, SEO search engine optimization, most of the flow site from search engines, and domestic website it is undeniable that rely on Baidu to survive, we must attach importance to the website of the SEO work, make full use of the search engine network promotion.

3. website should have high quality content

we often talk about content as king, if your station is just copy and paste someone else’s

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