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August 3, 2017

core tip: the success of fraud is to know the weakness of human nature, and the weakness of human nature often comes from seeking petty gains.

since the "link liar tricks face face" published, many people add my QQ 88124886 to discuss with me, for today’s chapter is full of expectations and mystery. Everyone asked me: "what this chapter released liar tricks is no how, with no predecessors after?" thus, you liar hated and dedicated to a desire to cheat. It is this desire that requires me to make a perfect ending to this three paragraph essay.

as a professional selling link professional webmaster, in order to obtain long-term interests, I have to in-depth study of my customers. Because I understand, only let my customers profitable in the long-term, they will give me constant renewal. Is the essence of profit trading links renewals. Indeed, the study of fraud is also a customer service. This service is ready, will let customers and I become a good partner, we communicate with each other, the money to earn together, very good, ruthless harmony.

some people sell links and like to use several QQ. This is a very bad phenomenon. I had only a QQ 88124886, so I mention this number, customers are very familiar with. In fact, if you use a special QQ, it is already very good, and 500 upper limit to you 200 old customers, has enough to maintain your livelihood. Therefore, good customer service is the key to profit from the link transaction.

well, so anyway, please tell me before entering the theme, first pull to the lower left corner of the "top" word! The top of me, will open the door to the infinite luck today! The world is something that is not clear, but you do not send a letter, is God the secret is very magical, sometimes you get the author of gratitude and blessing, really will be blessed by the God


this series of articles for sale: "all links: what is the link?" "link: what time to buy links?" "link: how much are good?" "link: read when you go to the pig!" "link: link liar tricks face the concept of (on)" "link: link liar aspects of tricks (in)", suggest that you have time to have a look, is good or bad. Please, make progress together.

cheat E: bastard agent and confused webmaster

a seller in the A5 release sell link information, a gentleman plus, said, "my customers are older, you give me an agent price, we work together, save you a lot of time."." After several agonizing, sellers believe it. "You hang my QQ on your station and we work together for a long time," he said. You only have to hang up my QQ and my clients will trust it." So the seller took it. Sure enough, soon, a customer come in a throng. The selling price of a gentleman at the seller’s >

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