Taobao technology development review (three) Oracle payment Bao Wangwang

August 3, 2017

Oracle/ Alipay /

Wangwang as a personal website development time is not long, because it was too dramatic, Ma Yun announced in July 2003 this is the Alibaba’s website, then in the market launched a very successful operation. The most famous is the use of small and medium-sized sites to advertise, break through eBay on the portal site on Taobao’s advertising blockade. The Internet earlier should also remember those ads in the lower right corner of the window and the girdle flash website. The man in the marketing department who spends money on advertising is too expensive to pay for millions of dollars. He is what we call "great master"".

‘s "big masters" ads are bringing in rapidly rising traffic and trading volumes. By the end of 2003, MySQL was no longer available, and the alternatives to the technology were simple, replaced by Oracle. The reason for Oracle is not only that it has large capacity, stability, safety and high performance, but also that it has talents. In 2003, Alibaba had a very strong DBA team with Feng Chunpei, Wang Hai (seven men), and later Feng Dahui (@fenng) and Chen Jiping (Tuo Lei). Figures like cattle to what extent? Oracle to technical experts around the world issued some titles, which is called ACE (the highest level is the "top" poker is big enough it), was awarded the title of the world is only more than 300 (list here: http:/ / P=19297:3), then the world’s only a dozen. With such powerful technical backing, it is logical to change MySQL to Oracle.

is not only a replacement but database library can, access, SQL syntax to follow the change, the most important point is that the Oracle concurrency is so powerful, a connection pool design is a key. But for the PHP language, it is on Apache, and each request produces a connection to the database. It does not have the connection pool. (Java language has a servlet container that stores the connection pool). What’s the point? The gang got into the eBay’s tools to use a connection pool under PHP, which BEA sold to them. We know that BEA things are too expensive, we can not afford to buy, so in the online duolong searching, find the connection pool service agent SQL Relay an open source (, it can provide the function of connection pool, duolong made some functional improvement after the use of it. Thus, the architecture of the system becomes the following:

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