My failure to share the optimization experience

August 5, 2017

I was in August last year to SEO, before that SEO didn’t know what I do not know where the self-confidence, it should not only what difficulty into the company in a friend’s call, and Baidu to dry on the.

since the beginning did not understand the content, so all aspects of the optimization on the site, are starting to buy the chain, then while the Internet to find information on SEO learning, while to the webmaster forum registered post close links, so every day work, one month down, the website chain soared, website the ranking also has improved, but still not proud of how long, Baidu will usher in a comprehensive K station, I am responsible for the website there is no suspense in the tragedy, the boss to be furious. Last October, summed up the K station, the reason is to increase the chain indefinitely, the company was forced to change the domain name.


for the domain name, all suspended all optimization behavior, only a long wait, waiting for Baidu included, at that time really tough ah, just waiting for a month, the new domain name finally included, but let me depressed, is a K domain name included back. Although it is included to come back, but before ranking again, because the new domain name, site name also follow the change, search site name and name found in Baidu, firmly occupy the first home, of course we are not convinced, so we must continue to optimize, the lessons learned last time, plus Baidu against the chain business I can think of other ways, because this time has been in the network to understand SEO, SEO learning theory, see a lot of SEO master’s focus on the wise remark of an experienced person, so Baidu: Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu experience know paste etc.. Can leave links to do everything possible to stay links, can not stay is advertising, after such a period of time, and finally more than the same name website, we did the first. I’ve been happy for some time, but I’m not satisfied because the site’s main keywords haven’t been ranked yet.

at this time, Baidu began to crack the chain, Baidu experience plus nofollow, Baidu encyclopedia entry expansion, reading links all deleted, there is no other way, at this time we think of the station group. The company spent a large cost and built a garbage station, only to seize the key, and this has led me, I am not here to introduce the operation steps, all once again touched the Baidu website again Nilin, tragedy, I also followed the tragedy again. Through the first two failures, I know that just by cheating, I can’t last long under Baidu’s eyes, so I build this station myself and start again through this website SEO!


http://s.seoessay.com/post/13.html new railway station,

mercy, thank you!

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