Cancel the filing system, perhaps China’s nternet will develop faster

August 5, 2017

website filing, in the webmaster site process is more important, no record means no official status, not recognized. In the website home page with a similar "Anhui ICP No. 07009655" logo, means that the website can be added, was officially recognized. But such a logo is not good, applications, personal websites also want to become an official part of the approval, but this logo is not easy, because the filing difficult.

in the A5 forum version Thursday activities in the "talk about things" caused by the webmaster of the site for the record with the record is difficult is the webmaster general idea. First, the relevant policy restrictions, and then the work of the relevant departments are not active, resulting in many filing for a long time, frequent changes in information, limiting factors too much, many sites have been incorporated into the ranks of non filing websites. The website for the record filing difficult, waiting for a long time, so there is a "record" group, they are more than just opportunities, they carefully studied the record of policy, understand the filing process and filing Shumenshulu, the success of the record is relatively easy.

filing is a product of Internet with Chinese characteristics, involving the supervision and management of the entire network. It is a manifestation of the online real name system. Perhaps managers think that if all websites are filed with real names, personal websites are easy to manage. But, this is relatively convenient, the authenticity of the record to provide personal information or to make a question, even if the relevant departments for examination in the record when the phone to confirm personal information submitted, it is difficult to ensure the authenticity of the information sent by the record unless later, personal registration. Many people also questioned the significance of the record in the end, the current Chinese Internet there is no real name system necessary, whether it is the Internet, the use of mobile phones, online shop, etc., the real name system is not easy to achieve.

‘s website consolidation began in late 2009, and personal websites have been under pressure. Prohibit individual registration CN domain name, close the website that did not register, the method that hits pornography website all one’s rounds is waited a moment, relevant policy limits the development of individual website everywhere. It is good to purify the network environment and fight against pornographic and illegal information, but the real name system is not the fundamental way to solve the problem, and pornographic information on the Internet can not be completely eliminated in one day or two days. Chinese Internet development, not by simple closure, ban can achieve to purify the network environment, still need a rational policy to guide and promote. The two sessions are being held and should actively discuss and formulate feasible network policies to guide the development of China’s internet. As the Southern Weekend called for, "do not separate China from the world’s Internet". China’s Internet should not be divorced from the world, but should be in line with the world. Like the filing system, perhaps the Internet model should be actively taken into account and, in due course, to abolish the filing system.

, members of the CPPCC Committee suggested that the website be recorded in the face and be taken as a video review, and there is no suitable implementation plan for the filing system, which was put forward earlier

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