nteractive discussion design with user scenarios and product requirements

August 5, 2017


[Abstract] the author @wbuild, in this paper, the author introduces the designer three stages in the growth process, and for the three different stages of development about the three kinds of different design methods adapt to their level. From basic technology to effect design, the last thing designers need to do is to design users.

, for designers, the most important thing about their design is to have a deep understanding of the needs of the product and to consider how the user uses the product,

as an interactive designer, I think there are several stages of development:


comes into this field, most people may focus more on how to use tools, how to draw wireframe, and how to change ideas into actually visible Demo;

then a stage designer may consider the wireframe how to do a more rational, how can have interaction effect, better focus on design task flow and information structure and usability principles;

to a higher level, I think designers need to pre product on the basis of the first two levels, a deep understanding of product needs, in-depth consideration of how users use the product. What paths do users use and what are the actual usage scenarios on these paths?. What are the strong scenes, what are the weak scenes, what are the user goals in each scenario, what kind of requirements they have, what are the strong demand, and which are the weak demand……

shares third levels of design methods that are appropriate for the design of WebBase products.


first made the product and got the demand from the PM, it certainly wasn’t immediately started drawing the wireframe. To do a product, our designer’s job is to identify two core issues: 1, what pages and the relationship between these pages; 2, each page should be how to design?.

that’s what I think about the first question. First determine the product group of users and usage scenarios, where users group is the actual existence of several groups of products, mutual exclusion, classification of many methods, to determine the product characteristics, can also be determined by the basic research in the early. Based on this idea, a mind map is generated:


of course, here you need to decide which are the strong scenes, which are the weak scenes, and then do some trade-offs when you’re designing. For example, in a strong scenario, you can consider adding the core path entry to an obvious location (such as navigation).

take Baidu side for example, here, according to this model, roughly listed the page path:


(this section focuses on the design model, for which the classification method is >

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