Shu Hong a training teacher need to update the training concept

August 5, 2017

recently, comrade Xi Jinping’s speech was published in the main authoritative newspapers and periodicals in the country. The key lies in the implementation. After learning, experience the deepest Shu Hong: This article of Comrade Xi Jinping formed the theory of socialism with Chinese management action characteristic study.

in recent years, our country has a very heated term in management theory: Executive power. Many of the leading cadres and enterprise managers talk is the execution, if in communication with someone does not move out of the professional terms, lest someone else worry about being regarded as outdated or "OUT". It can be said that in the human society, people need to carry out the execution of the world accounted for 95% of the total population. This is also the root cause of the above, resulting in the "execution" of the key words of origin.

as for the actual context of the executive force, few people should pay attention to what should be paid. Just do the pilfering copycat.

Comrade Xi Jinping’s article proposes an important significance and four must, but Hong think they quite comprehensively on the "execution", the gerund analyzed practical science.

Comrade Xi Jinping as one of the leader of the party and the government, the conception of the article is on the effect of natural. This article is also a note by Comrade Xi Jinping on the spirit of general secretary Hu Jintao. Although this is a speech at the opening ceremony of the Central Party school, the students are naturally leading cadres of the party and government throughout the country. However, the content and rational thinking which relates, but think it is suitable for Hong and other post work style of our country on the management of our way of thinking, the Internet field also has a practical guiding significance.

the whole article, comrade Xi Jinping will be divided into five parts. The first part is about the significance of "grasping and implementing". Although the main understanding of this article is the party and the government, there are considerable levels of cadres, the value and social significance of the article is naturally more profound than the usual management content. The remaining four parts, comrade Xi Jinping with four "must", respectively, on the implementation of the work in the need to establish and improve the humanistic quality and management structure. Shu Hong think this is in the discussion of action of their ability of the "implementation" work to solve several executors respectively.

1. is the understanding and mastery of the party’s theoretical knowledge and value system. Only when we are well versed in our party’s core ideology will we have a correct attitude towards work. The evaluation of your work will be more reasonable and scientific.

2. according to the dialectical materialism of Marx concept of development, development of anything is not in the face of Everything is going smoothly., the difficulty and contradiction, mental strength to have leaders and business executives also made a clear statement.

3., after gathering good mental will, will form concrete externalization in the management of daily specific affairs management

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