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August 6, 2017

       ;       parked domain name, where sacred?

              give you a domain name: websitelearners.cn  the name is a combination of letters English ideas, my friends have done about computer network learning website, accumulated better popularity, there are thousands of IP, but to us Chinese people’s point of view, is really too long, is not very desirable, friends also registered the other domain, then use.

"happy balls" prize game advertising network CPA, September 3rd hot debut! The ad review requirements: quality website, without any bad record. Those who meet the above conditions may apply to the guidance area. Please pay attention to the station announcement.



;       domain parking, playing is traffic

              parking "generally includes the advertising links, advertisers for visitors to click and click pay fee generally in every several minutes to several dollars, owners can share income from. Sometimes we find that the pages of different domains are similar. In fact, they are parked in the same domain name parked by the service provider. There is no risk to this method of income.

              domain name now, with more and more expensive, I believe that many owners hands have several or more idle domain name, the domain name, I don’t lose too, can rest, after waiting for a buyer to sell, may be able to earn some money can be used, these owners have not thought about, you don’t use idle domain name domain parking may give you a not a small sum of money.

              domain name Domain Parking, referred to as DmParking is also called the domain name, domain name call flow Park, is a kind of automatic generation of web technology for domain name system. It is to use your domain name to resolve an ad page, to reach someone access your domain name or access to the ad page through domain name, click advertising, you can get a way of income. Usually provides domain name parking provider, will do a program page, let you need to parked domain name to his IP, the program will be based on visiting domain name, show your domain name in this advertising page above. If someone clicks through an ad after visiting, you will get revenue. Therefore, some domain name investors will be parked domain name, to use empty domain name to make money.

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