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August 6, 2017

venture capitalists will bury their bodies very quietly," says Ghosh. "They stress success, but they don’t talk about failure at all."."


so it’s a big advantage to get investors into fans, and the importance of the content itself is beyond doubt. In addition to Papi sauce, the real estate fund also invested in elephant guild, intellectuals and many other content projects. Gu Minman will create itself as an artist, but this is not the content of the project Minman Gu fancy sufficient condition.

, 3C, Chemistry Chemistry, Complementary complementary, and Compromise compromise, which is the three most important thing for an entrepreneurial team." Gu Minman told phoenix.

Ghosh attributed the difference to a lack of in-depth research into closed start-up companies. "We just see the brighter side of the process." He said.

" Tencent

in the eyes of outsiders, things look so simple. An entrepreneur has a hot technology, get a sum of venture capital financing, then you will become a billionaire in the twenties.

Papi sauce

in the mind after thinking quit stock, Papi sauce has been an unprecedented challenge. But Gu Minman said, try Papi sauce in the business, made a miraculous success. She did not disclose the exact figures, using "non >"

in the second half of 2016, the content of entrepreneurial projects no longer like the first half as full of glory, just an investment plus can casts a thousand beams. "Comrade uncle" realized more than a million, but also in the wind on the fly for a few days only, and can not alleviate the anxiety of the majority of the start-up class.

, after investing in Papi sauce, Xu Xiaoping once said, content entrepreneurship may subvert our traditional ideas of entrepreneurship.

in the venture capital hunting cloud Network Summit Zhenge fund director Gu Minman, she said she was Papi fans of the secret sauce, because of love this short video content, she will Papi sauce team recommended to Xu Xiaoping, this is what I once solved for Xu will look from Zhongguancun transfer to the legendary red net up questions.

but there is now evidence that venture capital backed startups are far more expensive than the industry’s commonly cited data. Shikhar Ghosh, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, recently reported that about 3/4 of venture capital backed start-ups in the US market were unable to return capital to investors.

for Papi sauce, Yang Ming is such a role. He worked for the Huayi Brothers for many years and worked as a broker for Angelababy. "He has a sense of business," he said. "The level is obvious to all.". In the view of Gu Minman, this is a rare "understanding and complementary team". And the valuation of 100 million yuan, is a real "hit a discount" price. Xu Xiaoping also said that when there are institutions given 2-3 billion valuation, and ultimately Yang Ming taking into account the ownership structure and other factors to choose the real thing.

energy source continuously produces content creation ability and continuously brings the commercial ability of income. It is the two prop of the content venture project. A good business team is an essential choice if an artist cannot commercialize his capabilities.

Goodmail Systems Daniel · Dreman Tencent technology plan

sees the difference between the data and the data of venture capitalists. The usual argument is that in ten companies only three or four will be completely closed, another three or four will return the original investment to investors, there are one or two venture capitalists will give great rewards. Only 25% to 30% of venture capital support startups will fail, according to estimates by the national Association Venture Capital National.


technology news Tong Yun September 24th Beijing time news, foreign media recently published article said, according to a latest research report shows that behind the startup surface scenery, actually on the market in the United States backed by venture capital venture company has about 3/4 ultimately unable to return capital to investors. The article points out that venture capitalists will "bury their dead bodies very quietly" because they emphasize success, but they don’t talk about failure at all".


The founder of

, but >

his results were based on data from more than 2000 firms that had venture capital between 2004 and 2010, usually at least $1 million. In addition, he combed the portfolio of Vc firm and communicated with practitioners of start-up companies. The results were similar when he checked data for companies with venture capital between 2000 and 2010.

, but as mobile Internet traffic bonuses decline, many people believe that the window of content entrepreneurship has been over. WeChat public number fans slow down, in addition to the head content, most of the content entrepreneurs will usher in winter.

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