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August 6, 2017

sources, the platform of the Alibaba has been planned for some time, will launch nanny service platform for the current intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, from the bottom of the chip solution to the intermediate platform as well as linking the electricity supplier sales platform.


Alex’s ideas from the brainstorming". Less than half a year, he became a millionaire from worthy of the name of the students as pour as a church mouse.


previously, Alibaba has been with the United States and other manufacturers in the Internet of things, smart home and other fields to cooperate. Ali cloud for face sprouting and other start-ups provide cloud computing and other services. munan

London, flash, 7 neotenous young people on the podium, from the British finance minister Gordon · Brown took the glittering trophy, TV shows this is not what idol, but once a year the British young entrepreneur awards. Today, from students to students, a growing number of British teenagers are in advance out of the ivory tower, which not only help them earn a pot of gold, it is learned a valuable social experience.People only need to enter their

it is understood that the platform will be launched in the first phase of cloud computing, Internet communications, data platform, electronic business platform for the core services to help developers quickly get intelligent hardware with large companies like the allocation of resources.

or friends in the template on the basic information and photos, can Rebecca read related stories.

technology news June 23rd afternoon news, according to informed sources, the Alibaba scroll information group will launch a business service platform, mainly for the current intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, lowering the threshold for entrepreneurship, the service will be the fastest officially released before the end of July.

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