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August 7, 2017

this method is called "robber marketing" in the network industry. If you don’t pay for it, you can’t discuss it. The very day, Austria the rise of sh419 fame from more and more smelly, anger since four, but sh419 insists on going blind, such commercial has no return search results, even before the burst event tamper, is to let sh419 again smelly smelly.

, but domestic electricity supplier tycoon but another way. Which >

last summer, Wuhan Jiangxia Chrysostom Xuguang villages, the villagers gather together, come up with a "issued by < China intelligent backbone network Wuhan project land requisition compensation scheme > notice", above the CPC Jiangxia Chrysostom Street Committee Office, office of the streets under the office of the cover two "red stamp".

since the listing of sh419, the stock market has been very good, investors have settled in, but also to sh419’s performance has brought great pressure. Therefore, the bottom of the salesman need to withstand very high performance indicators, sh419 listed, sh419 Inc salesman flow extremely high, on the one hand because they can not afford the performance requirements. Salesman had to do everything possible to promote the promotion of business, just follow the crackdown on cheating in the wind, an expert came a trick, closed station, forced good promotion. The biggest victims, is the natural life in the hot water of the webmaster, take a stand, hard to maintain a year or so, somehow also has stable thousands of search traffic, but sh419 is rather baffling frozen and the next day received the message, said that to promote solve; some are even more brilliant, the surface has a private method. Red = permanently closed "arena of discipline, ranging from three thousand to more than 10000, would be nothing difficult.

, of course, there are also a large part of their flags and young cynic, has set up anti sh419 alliance, anti sh419 Union, said on behalf of the surface is the supervision, sh419 also made many cheap traffic, now sh419 is advertising alliance home hanging high, but many of the advertising fees earned, but made a fortune of refugees. At some large IT forums, some of the elite clearly pointed out that sh419’s bad line, but the slightest correction of sh419, little play a role.

said the word is indecent, want to use the "trick", "playing", "flirt", "fun", words, but these words show the feeling of literati poet, insufficient to expressgeneral webmaster long-term users sh419 has been playing with indignation, meditate, decided to use this indecent words, on the one hand to say "for the road", on the other hand, that ugly point, but also to attract a little eye.

73 year old villager Wu Maoxi in the village sat smoking. In front of him was a vast expanse of red earth, where an old tree stood alone in the distance, and occasionally a passing bird scratched the silence.

as a rookie network announced the first block down after the establishment of village Xuguang before hundreds of acres of crops soon uprooted, then repeatedly crushed flatteners. Even Wu Maoxi himself opened up in the vicinity of the old one acres of land in the small garden, were razed to the ground overnight. Others came to their houses to measure and assess their houses and let them pass. Since then, their homes have been frozen and are not allowed to be rebuilt, rebuilt or renovated.

The goal of the

in the document issued a week before, Ma and their buddies intime group, Fosun Group, Fuchun group and SF, one of three links courier company funded rookie Network Technology Co. Ltd. "hereinafter referred to as the" rookie network " was established in Shenzhen.

villagers who lost their land anxiously waited for the arrival of rookies and Ma Yun, hoping they could help themselves with their future livelihoods.

Chrysostom is a city with 2300 years of history of the town, was once an important commercial port business dealings. Xuguang village distance Jinkou Street office only a few kilometers, most of the villagers Wu, to farm for a living. They are very strange about the so-called intelligent backbone network, but many villagers have heard of "rich man" Ma yun.

a year ago, Ma Yun walked 2200 acres of land in the village.

face robber sealing station, most of the small owners only began to beg, humble. Not long ago, sh419 to "login" Post Bar a look, full of "ask", "request", "please", "application" and "claim", even "begging" came out, even I have always respected the expert graph king, also run to send requests posted, but it was all in vain. Simple think impossible to know, it is said that sh419 is now on the sealing station robber created performance, accounted for the company’s promotion performance of the 40%, even now, Li Yuanhong, did not dare to ban the tough sales approach, once banned, and the overall performance of the stock market decline will be a large area of sh419. So, sh419 this move is riding a tiger, embarked on a road of no return.

over the past ten years, China’s e-commerce market compound growth rate of more than 80%. B2C oligopoly pattern formation process, competition between the electricity supplier giants have extended beyond the retail market: the next step is mobile payment, and the next step is modern logistics.

"Ninja a bear is calm, commonly known as the Ninja" or "

rookie network is to make any region in China reach delivery within 24 hours." Over the past 8-10 years, China has planned to build an intelligent logistics backbone network CNS, which supports the average retail sales volume of 30 billion in the country, at the cost of 300 billion yuan.

electricity supplier logistics can be divided into warehousing, trunk and the last mile distribution of three major links. Foreign electricity providers often choose "customized warehousing + professional third party logistics and distribution" mode. Singapore developer giant ProLogis logistics has been the model of the company to provide related services, the China layout and development for many years.


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