Profitability analysis of factory building websitesThe most common scam Wangzhuan industry

August 7, 2017


Wangzhuan is a low risk, low investment industry. Because of his low threshold, so many people into the industry. But not much money is being made in this industry. Many people spend a lot of time and effort, and they get very little. So many people started playing crooked ideas and tried to get rich overnight by cheating. And those who are eager to get rich are easily fooled by cheats. In order not to be deceived, I collected some information from the Internet, summed up a common network of money making scam, I hope you encounter similar situations caused attention.

          sh419 experienced the baptism of the storm, go through the record, I believe that the industry will be most normal station stationmaster days after the choice, after all is the main profit! Of course, not lack, many people are interested in hobbies, but with the strengthening of copyright awareness, and users increasingly picky eyes, professional regular site is the future direction of development!

I once talked about the deceptive tactics of online marketing in the article "revealing the deceptive tactics of network marketing". Now network MLM is more and more active, I hope you polish your eyes, don’t fall for it.

five, MLM trick

is more suitable for the above two do not love the spotlight, no entity operating experience webmaster, all unilateral charges, all fees through the internet! Don’t run around! But if you want to combine the two, the audit fees, check charges, I think your user experience will be greatly reduced, people will be less and less!

3: the line for the lessor and intermediary fees: Qiuzu matchmaking, charge intermediary service charges! This is a good way to profit, but you need to have certain business ability, but also improve the contract system, otherwise it will encounter both private exchanges, avoid intermediary, so that your work will have been wasted, certainly did not get the money!

Wangzhuan training tricks

one, con advertising alliance

simple to write, hope big >

1: information audit fees: when your site has good ranking, can take the information audit fees for profit, does not provide free release! Of course a lot of people may worry that this website will not update, because the audit fees system once adopted, the amount of information will be reduced! In fact, there is nothing to worry about! The website is your own, and you can pick one or two free releases you like, just make sure it’s updated a little bit every day!

two, online investment scam

2: information view fee: all information is released free of charge, free of charge, but confidential, only paid members can view it! This is more suitable for those who worry about the decrease in the amount of information on the site, ranking down! To achieve this, you need to make changes to the functionality of your site! Restrict access to certain information content for purposes!

for factory type site, its profit without less than the following methods, but in operation before, you have to ensure that your site has rankings, flow! Otherwise, all talk!

a lot of people want to make money, but they don’t know how to make money. So many people under the guise of training, said after participating in his training, you can earn much, and so on. A lot of people were cheated because they didn’t know much. One of my friends took part in such a training, and paid one thousand yuan. As a result, the so-called training is to send a little information in . In fact, these things can be found on the internet.

money playing games

advertising alliance innumerable domestic, most of them are some individuals, many are deceptive, just a short period of time will leave, and then change the domain name from the new website, lie again. We should be more careful about such an alliance. One is to ask more friends around you, and ask them how they feel about using it. The best choice for those who have a longer time, good reputation, a variety of procedures, documents complete alliance to do. Two is to choose a larger domestic strength of the alliance, such as sh419, shlf1314, Ali, mother and so on. These alliances are more reliable. But some people may think that their unit price is too low, so it is easy to be advocated by the high unit price to deceive. In fact, I think reliability is more important than unit price.

of course, the above is just some of my ideas, but also hope that we can flexibly use, not only on the factory type, site, other sites are the same!

4: online website, offline entities: This is probably the most profitable way, but not the general webmaster can get no derogatory meaning, after all, the webmaster is still a certain degree of difficulty to do entities! Can open intermediary facade, and even companies, specializing in factory commissioned intermediary business! Such operations are more formal and more profitable! You just need to be more practical!

network is now a variety of innumerable investment projects. The forums, blogs, communities are full of this kind of information. As long as you don’t believe the pie in the sky, you won’t fall for it. It is important to have a good attitude, that is, do not dream of making unexpected fortune.

if you have solid experience and have the ability to sell, then you can use online and offline operations to gain more profits!

now more and more game platforms. There are all kinds of people in the game. Some people want to get a higher level in the game, they want to pass other shortcuts, which gives the cheater the opportunity to take advantage of.


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