The website pushes 26 methodsmpatient to eat hot tofu, promotion to step by step

August 7, 2017

impatient to eat hot tofu, promotion to step by step. If you have a forum number, keep your prestige, do something meaningful for you, and offer something valuable,


I promote the website kid publicity article the main way has two: group promotion and BBS promotion. But all failed, so sit back and think the reason, and to share with you, I think many owners will have the same experience and distress! Establish group and forum, the fundamental purpose is not to advertise, are all areas of people together for communication. Just a lot of people, hot, advertising effect is good. But if you break the group and forum for advertising purposes, only without a value of the exchange, it is not popular, especially the administrator, because you do not have to bring value groups and forums, advertising too obvious, by the title sooner or later. I registered the account number of several forums, one into the disguised form of advertising, and soon became the administrator of the nail, was title,

remember: only when you make a contribution will you be rewarded. Only you in the group, the forum, made a significant contribution to everyone, everyone will remember you, but you will increase the prestige, the time is ripe, you don’t have their own publicity, people will naturally be appreciate you. You won’t need direct advertising. Your prestige is the best promotion capital.


, especially some very hot forums, such as: Tianya, A5, push, and so on, administrators are very tight grip, as long as the discovery of certain titles. So far, my number has been sealed several. group has also been kicked several.

I understand the mentality of the webmaster, want to do a good job early on the site, so it is urgent to promote. But often the more urgent, the worse the effect, in fact, we can turn thinking: "others build a forum, group, is it for you?"

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

  you already have a website, how to increase the amount of access? Why don’t you take a few minutes to look at the 26 things listed in this article?.

The first step:

1. write page title. Write a descriptive title for each page with five to eight words. Try to remove the word literary jargons, to be concise. The title should include the name of the company plus the scope of the main business. Format as follows:

2. list of keywords. Find out about your company’s key words, no more than 20. Be careful not to repeat the same key word more than three times, otherwise you may be punished by some search engines. Format as follows:

3. "written description. Remove the and, the, a, an, company and other functional words, and do not have to repeat the words used in the title of the page, save space as much as possible, write useful words. Format as follows:

4. will be submitted to the web search engine. Before you submit the web page to Altavista, exci>

deficiency wise remark of an experienced person, forgive me., you are welcome.

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