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August 7, 2017

  distinguished members of the league, Hello:

  on the occasion of the eleven national day, the sh419 alliance wishes you and your family a happy holiday!

  during eleven, the union staff holiday time is scheduled from October 1st to October 7th. Related work will be postponed until October 7th.  
  1, if you need to apply for alliance business or consulting customer service, etc., the sh419 alliance recommends that you work with the union customer service during October 8th.
  2, About sh419 alliance certification program, we will be scheduled for October 1st -10 month 5 days for the open day delay to the national day after the October 8th -10 month 12 days open, will welcome the alliance member login background application.

  thank you for your constant support and trust in the sh419 alliance!

  alliance development from

, he began demanding that the project be a website advertising project and would need a website. For a just contact Wangzhuan friends, it is very difficult to build a website. Then he asked where the site, then he will tell you that he is there the standard version of the site, only his site is suitable for this project, so call you spend several hundred dollars to buy their website, and then you can watch free video tutorial. So you come out a few hundred dollars to buy their website, which is actually belongs to the helpless, because you do not understand is a site, so there is no way to make a standard website to him and bought only training. That’s here. You still think he’s one

has no job and is getting older. Days without money are really sad. So I will definitely think of making money online. Although some curious input, online money making. As a result, online information told him that making money online is absolutely true. Of course it is true, but it does not rule out some other forces. Can not hesitate to say, go to sh419 search online to make money, almost 90% is a lie. Even if you don’t lie, you exaggerate the fact. Now let’s talk to the GG ad on our webmaster. "The Internet at home can make money, monthly income of 3000 yuan, the advertising is just a web site, many sites have. That is to say, the person who does this project is not one, but is full of internet. And such a big liar, since no one came out of the tube. The ad reads like this: "computers, +3 hours, free training, money making, paying back, follow-up services, technical support, 3*******.". This is typical of Mason’s wealth to learn a way. It’s only now that Mason has been revealed by many people. Now there is the use sh419 Search Mason a liar, so they go astray. I know it’s time to change. Change the url. What southern pioneering net, such poineering net, such poineering net is called out. It’s easier to make money than shitting. Why do so many people fall prey to it? First of all, he pays the fee after free training, so this alone has killed most people’s concerns about him. So everyone is holding this mentality: anyway, free learning, first learn to see, regardless of whether you can make money, anyway, did not cheat my money. That’s how you got hooked. Maybe you think you and he met earlier. Such a good opportunity, why not try, cooked, I do not know you have become a fish hook.

Internet brings good opportunities, is everyone does not want to give up. You are not very familiar with the advertisement: "the Internet at home can make money, the monthly income of 3000 yuan". Don’t hesitate to say, as long as your site put shlf1314 ads will have such advertising, but not estimate the monthly income of 3000 monthly income of 6000. Just such an ad can advertise in shlf1314. How much money can he make?. Now we’ll reveal his secrets.

  League address: http://s.union.sh419/

After signing up for

  more information as alliance in:
  Admin5 to join the alliance channel, please contact
  Admin5 every day look at the channel alliance; ah, a lot of information to make money online.
 : if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback responsible editor admin 04

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