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August 7, 2017

Giftivo, according to the interests of users Facebook friends, recommend more in line with the needs of gifts

group said the chance to listen to a word called " ", as the name suggests is Wangzhuan; the meaning of the network to make money. After many years of contact with the network, although you know you can make money on this network, you still don’t know much about how to make the money. So to sh419 search results, search out a lot of Wangzhuan forum, seemingly in recent years more and more fire, join the ranks of the people Wangzhuan is increasing year by year, the people of all ages are.

Facebook is about to launch its own social gift service Facebook Gifts, the Facebook service can help users to exchange real gift, so one of Facebook users still need third party application of doubt. However, the industry pointed out that "Facebook Gifts gift recommendation" is not too reliable". For example, female users it gave gifts to the husband to recommend the apron, intelligence toys, things like chocolate.


in addition, the performance of other Facebook based gift recommendation engines is equally unsatisfactory. For example, if someone wants to buy a gift for her husband, the gift of WAL-MART application Shopycat will recommend the purchase of "Agam Gump" DVD, "white stripes" The White Stripes and Xbox band Live games, but this application is not clear what we already have, even if these recommendations are very helpful.

Giftivo is not, and it will provide more details. First of all, Giftivo classifies users’ interests, such as mobile devices, movies, music, TV shows, teams, athletes, and so forth. Even if the user isn’t satisfied with the recommendations, he can at least know what his friends like – concerts, tickets, or movies, DVD.

in the forum, there are many pull off the assembly line, by clicking on the rebate money projects, which earn money friends are mostly doing these projects, if you ask me, these projects can earn money? I can only say that the past can not now. Why do you say so? The speed of change in this age of information is staggering. Projects that made money were slow yesterday. Another point of view, a common problem that is selfish Chinese, profitable projects are generally made rotten or he has a new project does not require the project out, he will share more out in the online selling tens of thousands of


although the recommendation of Giftivo is not perfect, it is more accurate in pure quantity, that is to say, the recommendation meets the needs of users to the greatest extent. Moreover, if users are interested in all recommendations, Giftivo will also provide a list of popular gifts on the engine, and will be based on music, TV shows, movies, books, sports and other categories

second, users can further customize the Giftivo recommendation service, first by the friends of the personal homepage and then remove the locking point of interest, he or she is not too interested in the gift category, so that the application of a more accurate recommendation.


although the Thanksgiving holiday has not yet arrived, some start-up companies have already turned their attention to the holiday market and are trying to get a slice of it. American Giftivo launched a Facebook based gift referral service.

will see hundreds of product information after users click the Giftivo recommendation button, much more than the recommendation of WAL-MART Shopycat, and more targeted than the recommendation of Facebook Gifts. What’s more, users can filter the gifts recommended by Giftivo at the price.

often have some title for " days; make XX" like the post, to be honest this is mostly the title of the party, the recent network speculation is a special Wang Zijie red, I downloaded a few of his video tutorials from VIP resources Wangzhuan forum, his title is miraculous, who knows look. Ah, what their textbook value more than 6000, around the problems of repeated N times, here there is a copy of a copy of the original name, so God, the temptation is to put the novice. His tutorial, I deleted it when I saw it. It was too garbage. This tutorial is not very useful for beginners. As for the veteran, it needs to look at this kind of rubbish.

but when I click on a few inside and found a lot of people are asking the same questions: " Wangzhuan really can make money? " " Wangzhuan is really? " " why people make I lost? "

many newcomers know do Wangzhuan GG, then immediately apply for an account, as a result of the application of harsh conditions have been shut out, so the emergence of the Internet generation account for GG. Do not give up the novice to buy someone else’s account, put the GG hung up, but a period of time has passed, Leng is no performance. So the network appeared GG cheating course, took a large amount of money to buy this tutorial, come back to see, feel quite reasonable. Can practice down, not a few days, GG was K off. Then I heard that Taobao customers can make money, but also to apply for account number, the result hung for a long time, no one cares, income is almost zero. After the start of Taobao to spend money to pay for the learning agent, Taobao shop, pay Taobao brush reputation, K is not the end of the day shop business deserted out of course, do not rule out that some people earn, but this.

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