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August 7, 2017

shoots NewSeed brings fourth articles of "angel storm" series, looking for a group of angel investors from the same famous enterprise "graduation", there will be similarities and connections.

finally, named after the legendary 85 year old Zhu Shijian’s "inspirational orange", in the major media attention, in a nationwide hit, a variety of stock, out of stock makes this round of stir fried hot effect, at the end of December will have to temporarily paragraph. But what the titanium media is more interested in is the push behind the effect, the newsroom’s alternative approach.

because of its high risk, such as tax incentives and other external assistance, gangs of Baotuan investment warm in this circle of extra important, all angels organization, they always appear common figure.


that morning, Internet users also immersed in Taobao 19 billion 100 million yuan of madness, but also browsing the "Eighteen big" information, pop suddenly pop-up "inspirational orange" message. The website traffic that lives originally is instantaneous surge, technical department temporarily increased 20 megabytes bandwidth. Hu Haiqing to the company, was asked: "what do you Hu?" the customer service is overwhelming, every customer service to answer the more than 300 phone. Seven or eight in the evening, they prepared a meeting to talk about the third car Chu orange, orders soared more than 200.

they are led by Yu Huafeng, a Southern Department news entrepreneur, first fried hot is Chu orange, and therefore in the electric business rage. They like the media editorial department to carry out business, saying that responsible for purchasing regional buyers as "reporters", buyers collect unique products throughout the reporting operations, and the latter is "edit."". Weekly products will be called "topic selection", and everyone wants to do "cover" or "close-up"".

Wang Xiao, each image is almost "dark skin + glasses frame, and sentences short and speed to speed up, as if say nonsense is a waste of life; Wu Shichun opening remarks when in public, the sharp point of view at the same time, the number of frequent pauses between words, and not with the speed like mouth brain information in synchronous speed change. Two men who appear to be typical of the technology, but also cast one after another star case.

write code, research products, CTO, this kind of people with "cold" and "silent" impression of the occupation type, but also appeared in 7 from sh419’s "runaway" angel investors who, with a great contrast is that they are engaged in the transition after the angels work, but less frequent contact with people, communication.


explosion story >

a person’s past, present and future will give his left what brand? After leaving a group of people working in the same company, too, once again into the same field, a similar migration occupation, will give the group how to bring the


New >

in November this year, titanium media editorial department has just set up soon, received a special gift box, two Chu orange, we eat with relish, this precious gift from a media friend, then Chu orange also did not detonate, but life would have a record industry in the first half of the electricity supplier companies began to enter our field of vision, they know from the south line group of old news in which the original building, the Southern Metropolis Daily, Beijing General Manager Yu Huafeng is the core, have a heart to do logistics and warehousing of old vehicles, walking is out of another supplier road. It may sound strange, but that’s it.

regardless of how the angel investment industry has undergone great changes, its high risk, low success rate of the essential characteristics still exist, but if the targeting direction, decisive attack, may also bring high returns. Xu Xiaoping investment jumei, get an average of 800 times return; drop taxi angel Wang Gang, investment 700 thousand, return 3 billion 500 million…… But "myth" are in the minority, the majority of angel daily in the risk of a "tightrope" as the judge, a little careless, for it is the result of funds dashuipiao.

, the legendary orange named "inspirational orange" by Zhu Shijian, a legendary 85 year old, has been shot all over the country under the attention of the major media.

in red font, describing a period of work process, these people have engaged in angel investment in sh419 can be seen, the 7 angel in the table, are more or less dealt with "technology".

so far, the third stage of selling "Chu orange effect to Hu Haiqing said Zhu Shijian in Beijing, pour orange orange" has two meanings, one is the orange sales have been a breakthrough, two is more and more social elites are impressed by the spirit of the old chu".

lead: before, a billboard smashed down, killing ten people, there are three managers. Now, three of the ten people are angel investors. In recent years, the angel investment industry has been intensively erupted, and the investment amount of angel investment institutions can even compare with the magnitude of VC investment 10 years ago. In addition to the surge in the number of funds, executives of listed companies, performing arts stars and other social roles have joined the angels, angel investors’ role is also diversified.

sh419 out of the angels: the same technology, coffee,

Author: titanium media

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from Bloomberg, "business week Chinese version" of the latest features, interesting show this "left hand do express, right to do electricity supplier" of the entrepreneurial team news editorial complex. Titanium media editorial excerpt and recommend as follows:

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