VR undead big wave VR game movies are on the wayThe zeroth step finding your co founders

August 8, 2017

new VR games and movies are on the way,

, Product, Visionary – people who know the market well,

Clive Downie revealed that the latest version of Unity 2017.1 will be a new XR kit XR future, AR plus VR’s nickname, "we can help AR and VR practitioners to avoid past mistakes of others."

so, in the zeroth step of starting a business, you have to find your teammate, who is your co founder. I said it was the zeroth step, not the first step, because you didn’t start a business before you found a co founder. It was like only one person, and you went to the bullfight just to be slaughtered. So before you want to conquer the world of dream, please find your co-founder.

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Designer – someone who can design good user experience

Clive Downie told reporters that in the past three to five years, Unity has invested in the development of VR technology, hoping that Unity VR dedicated to the pioneer developers can put their agglomeration experiments the significance of these ideas into reality and help them on each platform, we hope to support these pioneer and even death at the expense of on the road."

Hacker – someone who can quickly solve program problems

"in fact, Unity is not just doing 2D or simple games, from the host game to hand travel, and then to VR to AR, you can use Unity to do, Unity is a very broad coverage of the platform and system." Unity, CMO, Clive, Downie represent.

who should be a good core team? There’s no definite answer to that. But I think there are at least four of the following roles:

Hustler – someone who can solve all the other problems quickly,

‘s experience of a popular VR game called "dawn dragon" in the shlf1314 booth, this one developed by the NetEase, shlf1314 and Daydream cooperation VR game is currently VR mobile game experience quite a work behind the game engine is Unity.

Jamie, I have a great idea for entrepreneurship. Can you give me some feedback,

of course, you may have these four abilities alone, but it’s unlikely that one person will be able to take care of these four things at once and make them all very well. So unless you’re just opening a small personal studio, you’ll have to find your Co-founders sooner or later. In fact, looking at the success of the Network Inc, the amount and capacity of the initial Co-founders almost determine how long and how far the company can go later. So, finding a good core team is a prerequisite for entrepreneurship, and the zeroth step is not the first step.

aggressively moves into VR to develop


Author: Lin Zhichen

data show that Unity has now accounted for more than 70% of the VR/AR game development market. In fact, as the underlying technology provider, Unity spent a lot of money on the VR, the purpose is to allow developers to better develop VR applications. Shortly before the meeting, Unity officially released with new features and improvement of a large number of software Unity 5.6, shlf1314 Daydream and Cardboard support the new platform, a new video player in the editor, you can smooth playback of 4K video and VR environment 360 panoramic video.

has the four properties group is less than four, that a person can have attributes of more than two, there may be several people have the same property, but a "complete" network early entrepreneurial team, probably must combine the four kinds of ability. If you think you’re a Product, Visionary, and Hustler, then you have to find your Designer and Hacker, or find a Co-founder with Designer, &, and Hustler capabilities.

every two or three days, a letter will appear in my mailbox. Then you ask him, "do you have a team that can make this product?" the answer is almost always negative. It’s like going to the team for three or three bullfight, and even if the center hasn’t been found yet, you’re already talking about how the tactics should be used. It doesn’t make much sense, because if you find a defender later, it’s a white drive.

walked through the dark caves, followed by the sound of the headphones, and talked to non player characters in the dark world. When you pass through many levels, master the combat skills, face the monsters that rush towards you, release the dragon, and kill the final Boss. At the Unite 2017 Developers Conference held in Unity, the VR game "the dawn dragon" once again surprised the player. More senior people in the industry to "IT times" reporter said, although in the capital market and public opinion in the VR is cold, but the development of VR technology in the industry continues to provide technical support: from the bottom of the Unity, the major game manufacturers to VR games and film development, people are still in the on the road a little groping forward.

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