Formlessness website optimization Shanghai Longfeng Philosophy

August 12, 2017

itself does not belong to the site of the Shanghai dragon, but to the search engine, it is only the Shanghai dragon search engine in order to better content, the user needs the presentation in front of the user, in order to achieve this objective and prepared a series of rules, these rules will determine your site’s ranking however, the search engines will be what kind of content on the front? It is actually very simple, is the needs of users, users of useful content.

so sometimes do Shanghai Longfeng, we do not need too many people to study, especially thorough research of Shanghai Longfeng, almost every website words are filtered through the Shanghai dragon, but the real for the website have much use for your ranking how much help. It is not necessarily so! We must understand what is the site of the Shanghai dragon.


In fact,

if I ask you what is the most difficult to do? I think almost ninety percent people would say is the promotion, may indeed make a website only one day, but to develop a website may take a year or a few years to do, but now the website promotion method is generally on the site Shanghai Longfeng optimization, a lot of people say do Shanghai Longfeng optimization is difficult, sometimes I feel like a search engine is an elusive little woman, the more you want to close, the more he is shy, sometimes you feel sad, want to give up, but she is not to give you a bit of sweetness, let you don’t want to leave.

so the question is, if your website optimization is the first in the world, but there are some content of spam, you think you >

webmaster is really a very vulnerable, every day to open their own website, especially in view of website access statistics or optimizing the data when the excitement is not less than the Lotto lottery, can say that your website data directly determines your mood this day is how, but we have to remember the site is not a short duration of time, things look at the letter, which is still famous website, achieve success and win recognition, which is not a long time after the accumulation and adhere to have monumental achievements.

we have this feeling, sometimes we do a website, updated every day, insist on the chain, insist to do original, for two months but is not a little improvement, even sometimes the sites are not included. So you shake, sad, give up, perhaps more to stop for a week, maybe three days, when they found themselves open the site again, the site was collected a lot of miracle, but also even have a rank, then again, again will get started more new website, operation etc.. Have you ever thought, maybe if you can stick to it, even more so to a few days, maybe you will get a lot more than now. We can see the figure below, is not feeling a lot of sense, but this picture can give you the feeling that only


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