Fish how the weight of Google share in a short period of time up to three

August 12, 2017

: a site outside the chain of resources need extensive

1: optimize the structure of the site, do not use too much JS and flash code and pictures.

explain quickly up the PR value before we need to give their stand ready, here to talk with.

2: website content must be "full", the best is the original and false original mix ratio control in 3 than 7.


two: website content included the number of website quality

! weapon!

although the Google PR value for a web site is not as important as it once was, but after the last PR suddenly disappeared, we can still see many webmaster still care about PR, in exchange links or the PR as one of the important criteria. So how to fish today talk about a new PR within 3 months from 0 to 3 a few tips! I hope this is helpful, for everyone, on the

your decision

a little bit based webmaster all know Google weights mainly depend on the number of a web site outside of the chain and included number of evaluation, so a wide range of high quality the chain of course is an indispensable tool to promote PR. The author in the chain is selected with the 6 main products are: micro-blog, Wikipedia, blogs, forums, soft, ask. My plan is to do a 2 encyclopedia Wikipedia every day, every day to ask (know better, not only for beginners, plus links, 4 micro-blog more suffering) every day for 1 micro-blog, at the beginning of the forum outside the chain of 20 a day and then gradually increase, the blog is the use of the station of the way to do every day to update the pseudo original content, soft paper is not to say the effect is quite good every Monday in the paper just good! Such a large-scale chain bombing, chain number 1 months of the new station has risen to more than 4000, and both broad and quality

3: site articles within the chain distribution, the mutual link station main keyword bold etc..

said reflected the weights of the website had powerful outside chain, also need powerful search engines number. This requires that how to do it, ha ha, is also relatively simple, in which we talk about making preparations, site map on the website, the content is not dense, convenient spider crawling, and spiders are generally more "lazy" too complex structure would not have to climb them, so in the website itself we have a lot of content under the condition of the construction of a site map is crucial, it is equivalent to a Easy Access, can let the spider climbed up the other end! "

well, well above the basic preparatory work, believe that your site general line the same day almost can be Google included. The key content of this lecture I oh.

4: a site map to guide the spider

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