2017 Shanghai dragon optimization experience sharing chain how to send the most effective promotion

August 12, 2017

"keywords cross point", each point is the search engine keyword in a keyword ranking list, people click on a web site, and a process simulation user access to the site. For example, the user input "bird just technology", people click on the web site in the search list, some articles and access to the resources of the in station, called a key point of each other.

For example,

?The chain effect of

love authorities in Shanghai have clearly reduced the chain for ranking factors influence, but if a site without any outside chain, then love Shanghai it is difficult to timely find your web content, so the chain still need proper release. The chain has a few advantages, one is to increase the capture of spider, spider is crawls through the link, so, in order to ensure the timely web crawl, the role of the chain is manifested; two is to increase the chain website weight we send the anchor text, for this keyword rankings, also increase website weight. It is not as long as we send the chain, keyword ranking will rise? The answer is No. this talk behind.

For example,

1, industry related

there is a way, is the site construction of the chain, the chain is to enhance the first three pages of keywords ranking of the most effective method, but this method is the most reliable, of course, there is a premise, outside the chain of good webmaster need to have certain platform resources, the high quality of the chain and not to vote for you some articles, you can send a few articles from the media, but require a higher exposure, so that it can achieve the effect of drainage, otherwise it is ordinary chain.



technology website > just bird

it is a long time moves, but it is by virtue of this method, many webmaster website from 0 to 2 of the weight of the cross point, so don’t underestimate this way, it is not difficult to understand, is to use the click algorithm to love Shanghai, after entering the top three keywords page, click start to participate in algorithm love Shanghai, this time point of each other keywords, can be a good artificial search click, browse the web, even more advanced search engines can not judge this is cheating. Therefore, a keyword in the first three pages, each two weeks will be able to see the obvious effect. Might as well try the effect.

Shanghai dragon chain how to send


now Shanghai Longfeng optimization seems a lot less, for the website, this time is the best time to fight ranking. Website optimization Shanghai Longfeng although not popular a few years ago, not on behalf of the Shanghai dragon optimization decline, but that this industry has entered a stage of reason, in fact many sites in the search engine rankings and hard work, you want to make your site to get a good ranking, Shanghai dragon optimization naturally not less, of course, Shanghai dragon there is also a new play.

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