How do the website was blocked

August 12, 2017

for the webmaster, the site will affect traffic interception. In this regard, it is advisable to take the following aspects of operation. To conduct a comprehensive investigation on its own website, the content will not be processed to ensure that the content posted in accordance with the legal provisions.

try not to include malicious Web links, and pop-up windows, these sites are usually be intercepted. After this usually required, over time will automatically unlock.

site is rather baffling intercept, causing part of the site can not be accessed, this situation both for browsing the Internet or the webmaster, will be a very confusing problem. Xiao Bian today from the Internet and the head of the starting role, analyze the causes and solutions, hope to help a friend in need.

first talk about the solution to this problem of Internet users browse the web. Because many illegal websites, website hacking, and horse stealing information situation, making the most of security software on the implementation of the web filtering function, thus effectively avoiding the risk caused by the malicious website. Of course, there will be false positives is like, for, if you want to cancel this restricted access way, can operate according to the following methods.


there is a better solution is to appeal "". In the open site, if it is found that the site was blocked, then by clicking on the pop-up "interception" window "website appeal" button to appeal, and that his website.









in the open "360 Trojan firewall" window, click "Settings", then open the "Settings" window, you can set the way through a malicious web site, uncheck the option to disable the restrictions on access to the site.

in the "360 security guards" as an example to explain: open the 360 security guards, click on the main interface of program in the "Trojan firewall" button.

of course, sometimes the browser itself will be part of a malicious web site to intercept, in such circumstances, on site, will pop up a window if the site is to ensure the normal website, you can click the "I want to continue to visit" button to continue to visit.

, of course, a once and for all is set to browser security, but need careful operation. Click on the "tools" to "adjust the Sogou browser settings, switch to the" security "tab in the open window, and close the door to the network".

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