Don’t have the same flow of Shanghai Dragon

August 12, 2017


why write this! In fact, now that we put too heavy to see Shanghai dragon, but ignore the significance of Shanghai dragon exists! Is the traffic! I do stand, when Shanghai dragon is not very popular, but at that time I day drainage, one day there are thousands of IP. Very accurate flow, ha ha, today is very simple thinking skills. Now the webmaster do not think, Shanghai dragon can have thousands of IP. Kidding?

?This is just one

now love Shanghai know it is difficult to stay connected, the more difficult than before! But does not mean that there is no way! In Shanghai know love will ask questions? Who has the latest XX movie, I will stay in the following questions. One day thousands of IP no problem. When love Shanghai know a lot of traffic. The audit is not too strict. Later, love Shanghai left the site has been difficult, but there is a way! But you left. IP times will be deleted! Remember once, what kind of people use software. He bulk YAHOO blog. The large quantity, arouse my curiosity, I bit into his YAHOO blog. A YAHOO blog for 3 days, after 300 thousand clicks on the concept of what?


love Shanghai know the accurate flow

. He blogs on the movie name plus a download address! Traffic is horrible! He can lead in the love of Shanghai traffic, why can’t I cited his YAHOO steal traffic? I was in his blog: "I have a YAHOO HD movie download address" I leave my own web site, the results to second days 2500IP, in direct access through the web site, this phenomenon lasted more than 2 months. Shanghai know this love until leaving links deleted! Then I intercepted a part of YAHOO blog link search, there are many is the way, these YAHOO blog connection temporarily not deleted. I like to find a large mine. Every day in the blog message manual. I found some ambiguous words, visit my website more! Like this for three months on average every day to keep about 4000ip


method. Is thinking and flexible

as for how much money, then advertising popups, 5 yuan one thousand IP. At that time you can hang buckle flow! 2 pop! Is not what the user experience, to my site. I want to earn a little money, think now regret it, if you can do some pictures, or do a real movie website, some users may keep the second visit! Who are on the program is not very understand, the main reason for

I site, directly apply for advertising alliance. To know

love Shanghai !

is a new process to first submit! Love Shanghai, at what time included. A new station for 1 months 2 months 3 months did not flow is very normal! We are still poor for a friendship connection. It is estimated to good friendship connection

This is not the main

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