Analysis on the influence of the site outside the chain quality three core factors

August 12, 2017


we do outside of the chain is the main reason for others to vote for himself in the network, the effect of the vote reflected from two aspects, one is the number, a number of authoritative website to vote, often an authority website vote to decide the whole vote! High weight website is equivalent to the authority the characters on the head piece, and low weight site quality is equivalent to the ordinary people to vote, even if the number of votes more often to veto authority figures, applied to the site to give priority to the construction of the chain in high weight site! What is the high weight of the site, which it involves determining the weights of the website knowledge, this raises a primer, the weights of the website mainly from the PR value judgment, judging from the other love Shanghai snapshot update time! Usually the higher the PR value, website weight More love Shanghai update time snapshot within a week, the weight is also a good

two: the chain site correlation can give the chain quality plus

so we worked hard to make the site outside the chain, how to know how the quality of these foreign chain? What are the factors that influence the site outside the chain? Here are three important factors affecting the author summed up the chain, we hope to be able to reference the webmaster friends in the building of the chain at

: a web site outside of the chain weight level of the quality of


chain will find correlation site for the anchor text of the chain must use their own web site keywords and long tail keywords, in the construction of the chain, many owners think that as long as the high weight of the website can do, but they often neglect the related website, actually affect the relevance of the website for the website the quality is great, in the chain construction site must be considered from the two aspects, rather than to see a website to go everywhere on the hair outside the chain, the effect is not bad, but also waste a large amount of time! It is The loss outweighs the gain.

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three: the chain location is also very important

a lot of people do the chain love with his signature, some people love the chain in BBS advertising area, in fact, the release of the chain effect is very poor, often hundreds of the chain is not in the A5 station within the pages of the chain effect of the soft, not to mention the chain home page. Visible in the position of the chain, the impact on the quality of the chain is very high, usually the best.

on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the most important is the two part of the content and the chain, especially outside the chain is more important! With love Shanghai and its algorithm several adjustments! The importance of the chain more reflected, but now the chain has changed from the original amount to the quality of quality is now! High, the chain number more often to be able to play a huge role in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, if you just send a lot of junk links, for the website ranking is not good, often will lead to the drop, so the construction of the chain of high quality has become the consensus of many webmaster


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