Do website ranking keyword selection to dominate

August 12, 2017

for any industry, we need to choose keywords, not greedy to want to put all the words are selected. I always believe that greed is the most powerful poison, first you may be very sensual, but the pain broke out at a critical time. Target words of a web site, we generally recommend is 3-5, for other words we can either choose as auxiliary words, or become the best long tail keywords, although it said, but definitely still want to target keywords. Do not covet a website can do dozens of.

many people think Shanghai Longfeng do network promotion can have a great effect, of course, it is undeniable, but Shanghai, if not done well is likely to reduce the effect of the promotion, so we need to do every step when doing optimization, I think the key step of enterprise website that is the first step: the selection and analysis of accurate target keywords. To do this step, we can bring more potential customers. Is the target keywords through the analysis to determine the site "flagship" keywords, usually these keywords is the site of the products and services of the target customers may be used to search keywords. In addition, we do need to optimize enterprise website is that these customers can search the competition but compared to the relatively large keywords, which is absolutely necessary to spend some effort to complete, so do the reasonable selection is the first step of our success.

for the website optimization, now more and more enterprises invested a certain amount of time and energy, as well as the human to the inside, but really see very good results, I find that in fact is not so satisfied to enterprises, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises, so the small and medium-sized enterprises in website promotion must pay attention to skills, and gradually to promote the enterprise website well, so as to truly achieve the fundamental purpose of optimization and promotion: to bring traffic to bring customers.

first, the customer search is the target of

second is the most powerful poison, greedy

says so much we need to master the target keywords, the most is: a search for target customers. How to explain? Our many potential customers in the search time due to the environment and contact the people and things of different leads to their different search habits, for example, we need to find the site, the site of the company because they have different choices, some people will direct search "site construction", some people think find a professional production company website will choose "website construction company", but many customers for foreign trade are not so assured, Shanghai area may choose "Shanghai site construction company", of course, some customers are very clear what they want, corporate website, need a marketing type, we will select the company marketing website construction". So long as these words are our potential customers we need to be able to grasp, we can better grasp the needs of customers.

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