Analysis of Shanghai dragon independent blog daqo weight and ranking

August 12, 2017

Here I feel very

on the site just on the line, I basically do not have what the chain, because it is more than a dozen sites in hand to bring about independent blog daqo, because we now know that the loose navigation in the name of the first is loose, because there are more than a few days before him, later he came up again, explain the weight or as his.

third: website

second: keyword selection and description of


because the Shanghai dragon blog before the on-line Encyclopedia of the domain name is independent of the blog, later want to get up and do a navigation station to facilitate your attention counterparts, so I began to prepare the site in February 14th, finally started on the line.

fifth: site with single link

: the first Shanghai dragon blog title Daquan

here is a blog for the Shanghai dragon is Deng Kanhao as a link, but with the keyword is Shanghai dragon blog, and Wang Jinjun Yunnan Shanghai dragon to blog as a link, Shanghai dragon blog Daquan, and Zhang Yuhan Long Fengbo of Shanxi Shanghai passenger station link, there is something that the grassroots webmaster website the band, because the station itself included particularly fast. There is a push friends for single link, can let the Shanghai dragon blog Daquan the keywords on-line stability first, because before I saw a friend of the two level domain name, because I was not possible but his top-level domain, so.

Hello, I’m Deng Kanhao, long time no write and share, because of the recent busy back to Guangzhou, so there is no how to write the article to contribute, in A5 did not contribute too, I just returned to Guangzhou yesterday, today again, check the website information, see the website or change very large, because the keywords from the line to Shanghai dragon blog Daquan now has been ranked in the first. Look at the webmaster tools query graph:

this on the site has not done, I began to prepare to choose keywords, site title, keyword description I basically are ready.

friends to apply to join the Shanghai dragon blog Daquan, because in the early I just on the line soon, they came to apply to join, just on the line a few words ranked in the first, so bring a lot of IP have a lot of friends in my advice, ask how they know it. They say, is to search the keywords, I said what keywords, they said Shanghai Longfeng blog Daquan, Shanghai dragon Daquan Daquan, independent blog etc. keywords, because in these three words I only set the first key words, the two words in the title just with, so there are also ranked

this and everyone your site settings are almost the same, but is not the same keywords.

fourth: the website links

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