From the battle on Wanglaoji trademark website brand value

August 12, 2017

refers to the form of all the more commonly used method, forum, blog, question and answer form, lay a foundation in the early stages is very effective, with the Shanghai dragon allows the site to accumulate more users, to promote the role for the construction of the brand.

2, the website inside "remind"

1, the one and only

site is a brand, it is the most valuable keyword, keyword is the most worthy of promotion! The taobao贵族宝贝 landing 贵族宝贝jyxxjc贵族宝贝 small original, >

originally produced JDB authentic herbal tea is the "copycat" version of Wang Laoji, jiaduobao in April hit 400 million yuan in advertising, accelerate "to Wang Laoji", the new brand remodeling; Guangzhou is urgent paying 3000 fast sales personnel to seize the market. Today, Wong Lo Kat trademark battle with the results, or claim infringement charges 300 million jiaduobao.

site must be the one and only the brand to reflect its value, brand building and construction site must be synchronous, the early site must be a good idea, once your site name and others, it can indirectly shows you this website is a failure to do.

The name of the ?


, 4 experts in the media publicity and promotion

by the brand war in the Internet emerge in an endless stream, is not what happens, from the genuine happy net case to Zhou Libo for domain names, certainly not to the interests of the brand struggle. From these events can be seen in the importance of the brand, as a website, how can we make our website brand

3, conventional

at the weekend watching NBA, the Lakers and Denver’s battle to grab seven, to break a small ad: fear of angry drink authentic herbal tea, and also produced JDB, just began to think that Wang Laoji "revision", because of fear of angry drink Wang Laoji, have all known especially we often focus on these! Sports fans saw Wang Laoji a few years in advertising, every one has to take root.

in the early accumulation of the web site to have a certain reputation, if coupled with the media, expert comments, so to the website of the publicity would undoubtedly play a leap role, allowing users to generate great trust, which is like the authentic herbal tea, advertising in CCTV who doesn’t trust building? The combination of these brand effect is good, but the call cost is high.

continues to reflect the user, allowing users to deepen the impression is very necessary, not to build on the site within the Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, reflect the value of brand is more important, because words are popular, everyone can grab, but once the website brand is difficult to take, even when there is a certain website the power can be solved through formal channels.

brand websiteThe optimization and promotionThe conventional

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