Negative information should follow the two three principle

August 27, 2017

when there is a bad for the company information, many people love each other even publicity, released to the company group, this will cause to click on the company’s employees, even eager to process information, will continue to others for help, so a propaganda let this information become "popular posts", through the A large number of clicks, perhaps second days ranking to the first. Has a great effect on the image of the company. So when the company staff found negative information, the best all the company’s employees, so that they have to keep calm, do not click not propaganda, then the next step.

when the negative information appears, a lot of people to click on the information, this is not a click OK, click on it will have the weight value of the information, because it will have a keyword ranking "voting principle", click the more, then love Shanghai would think this information is most valuable to users. Therefore love Shanghai will be ahead of time, this will let more people see information. So when the negative information occurs, we should take time for, to see can, can Tongbai love Shanghai snapshot view, so as not to have this information weight value.

for some of the negative information is still relatively easy to fix, such as in the forum, we can notice that the webmaster will delete the information, because this is a negative information, the other side will also take into account, after all, if you do not delete it, may one day own website will also appear similar in addition, they also have a fear of being "revenge" mentality, in short, do not delete the words will offend each other, notify the webmaster delete, they will generally agree.

, click

three, love Shanghai complaints > delete

negative information should follow the "two three" principle

, the increase of positive information

in order to let the negative information generated unnecessary trouble, we can give our company to create some positive information, such as love Shanghai knows the question and answer form: "XXX’s credibility?" after they answer some positive information, or may be appropriate to these negative information, such as in the answer you can tell the user: "recently, some friends may have misunderstood the company made some stickers, these are not exist, I will give the user a reasonable argument, so that they will not doubt to the company.

negative information has a great impact on a company or website, when customers see the information, will be the trust of doubt; therefore, for the reasonable treatment of negative information as soon as possible, but also to grasp the skills, otherwise will be counterproductive, will be more and more negative information serious. Here’s what measures the site there is negative information, summarized as "two three" principle:

two, notify the webmaster delete



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