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August 27, 2017


360 engine love Shanghai war seemingly calm, but we can perceive the Shanghai dragon, we are the biggest victims, I again bitter stationmaster innocence, love the 360 Shanghai engine wars, let us hard to force the owners suffered unrighted wrong and the current phenomenon! Is the major cause of search is standing in the front the some guns, some see the enemy situation, some ready to attack, this is undoubtedly so that we don’t know which one is our God, so we should.

quietly launched a comprehensive search business, in promoting the 360 browser, web site navigation and other products, 360 comprehensive search traffic share quickly climbed to about 20%; meanwhile, 360 search results still intends to reduce the weight of love Shanghai related services, and had only slight response to love Shanghai. The response to the pain of our bitter stationmaster, love Shanghai in their engine is greatly increased by the weight of love Shanghai products, 10 in the home for love, Shanghai will occupy several, so let us love Shanghai bitter white head many owners decide on what path to follow? I do not know how to organize, literary talent is not good. Say more words is a waste of breath, we look at the chart all will understand! We look at this picture from Shanghai love search engine case diagram: (round up the red box is love Shanghai).



love Shanghai engine let me sleep at night, so the night to visit A5, to vote on a draft, we talk about the webmaster and Shanghai Er dragon heart, literary talent is not good, but the content is affordable, pure original, and I like to see how many webmaster support this article! This is not readable, but I can feel thinking of.


images from Shanghai love search, keywords: Zhang Nana love Shanghai products to occupy the home 5 position

images from Shanghai love search, keywords: Zhang Nana love Shanghai products to occupy the home 6 position

I am a bitter webmaster, come here to send complaining, Shanghai love makes me feel very uncomfortable recently engine, 3360 Shanghai engine wars caused by love or love the sea to take all the money out? The search engine wars, all the injured is always that we decide on what path to follow? Some innocent webmaster how many day and night will destroy in this war! Love in Shanghai last year quietly on 360 search business to start counter, the user through the 360 comprehensive search access to love Shanghai know, Wikipedia, Post Bar and other services, will be forced to jump the beloved Shanghai home. This is since the mid 360 this month to force the search service, love Shanghai for the first time the corresponding counter action, I think love Shanghai are a bit shameful, shameful two words have pity, love Shanghai want to take money? Since the counter, love Shanghai preparatory to update on improving foreign engine, engine optimization how to classify segments, actually always hurt our bitter webmaster.



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