360 search traffic data after thinking about the dispute

August 28, 2017

false advertising

for Zhou Hongyi’s consistent style, with the Tencent or in competition with millet, he is very high in the world! But, in Millet micro-blog war, can quickly collect data, hired gunmen "Qin lady" to reveal the inside story, the specific data is not listed, that is that he is. The first network public relations expert. On the search engines have the most potential value, is millions of grassroots webmaster, consider well-known bloggers to micro-blog, the speculation is a very normal thing.

owners said that if the 360 to your site has 10 thousand IP, no income, it may be false data, but also can be said to be invalid data, if the 10 thousand IP, make your website income doubled. Is the true data, but obviously we can see that, now 360 transformed, are the masses of onlookers, but most are millions of owners in the search, the user is not real.

The majority of

360 site traffic without conversion

thin dead

Hello, I’m Zhu Weikun, an Internet person, write the purpose of the article is the objective of writing, we do not take a personal attack ha, thanks! Or write about 360 search engine traffic, Internet users comments overwhelming, most webmaster not calm, have picked up the hammer rakes, to love Shanghai hit in the past, here is your record to see the contents, and write their own point of view, although obviously we can see that for this topic is too much, if you can set out with some practical data, write their own views, express yourself on the Internet the latest catch is good.

360 comprehensive search suddenly jumped to second, this is not speculation? And you can imagine, SOSO and Sogou in this industry is low, but they did a very long search engine, if a few days beyond them, the data or fraud, or is combined to lie in anyway. To mislead you, go to 360. But it is clear, the baby played an adult? We use the brain to think of it, 360 bounced a few days.


from the moon blog comment on micro-blog micro-blog raged, as shown in figure

for this report, and we are Public opinions are divergent., adults, and on the Internet, everyone is hiding in the strange across the screen, who will not take anyone, so everyone has everyone’s point of view, does not need others to agree with their point of view, in what use do not quarrel 360, is the most comprehensive search for speculation, let more people to watch, the first list of opposition and support point of view:

The opposition’s point of view:


Camels Martha


support Views:

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