Discussion on the construction of the chain to the Webmaster now what it means

August 28, 2017


chain means that users really recommend

The The In order to improve the healthy development of Internet

search engine through the website of the high quality of the chain, then give the site corresponding weights, the weights of the high site, can obtain the corresponding ranking. Many novice webmaster think strong chain is the biggest security website ranking. Indeed, in theory, the powerful web site outside the chain can bring to the site to bring good rankings. But often find a competitor’s site, the chain number is not a lot of time, the site’s ranking is very good and very stable, therefore, the quality of the website chain is much higher than the number, a high quality of the chain than dozens of hundreds of garbage outside the chain.

chain can increase the weight of

the construction of the chain to be able to keep step by step, looking for love in Shanghai and add some noble baby weight is higher site links, or release the soft, stability website ranking can effectively. At the same time, Links to love Shanghai ranking effect is obvious, a 3 increase in value chain weekly, persevere quality friend chain exchange.

chain is search engine as the standard to determine the site weight, import link anchor text and content relevance judgment, become one of the important factors ranking algorithm, especially the true import links from other websites. Due to the influence of the chain of correlation, and weight included, led directly to the keywords ranking and search traffic is different, in that era the webmaster think the chain accounted for more than 60% of the proportion, far more than the importance of website content optimization.

search algorithm can be very accurate to detect whether the chain user recommended, or is to promote their promotion behavior, spiders only need to IP address, cookies address, browser access, access to records to judge and identify. I was outside the chain of user recommendation, the spider will think is the chain weight high, can improve the site keywords ranking. The chain, the user software group > false

, the major search engines to rectify the cyber source, love Shanghai in recent years is also gradually improve the algorithm upgrade, the strict requirements of the standards of search engine, sincerely recommend high-quality resources for users. Update foreign chain love Shanghai algorithm is also more and more high, the chain was the most important search engine to determine the weights of the website, now Chinese and foreign chain a new search algorithm to the webmaster and what it means.

appears in the webmaster chain is a sign of the weights of the website, so unscrupulous find the chain, links, making malicious buy junk the chain, the chain link, sending false cheating appears gradually, Shanghai dragon black hat methods seriously affect the spider on the site of the judgment. In search of Chinese and foreign chain is indeed high weight to remind, until now is still one of the factors to judge, but malicious links and will not be counted in weight, the method of cheating will only lead to the site spider web traffic and punishment, caused by the loss of users.

chain can improve the keywords ranking


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