The novice webmaster have the order reversed construction mentality

August 30, 2017

yes, in Shanghai alone big today, we have too much traffic to rely on love to our Shanghai delivery, otherwise the product click rate will drop several grades, but since 6.28, 7.18 two large-scale update events, I think a lot of friends in mind should wake up, though Shanghai dragon is the fundamental we do website ranking, but the excessive dependence on the love of Shanghai will make the development process of our site is full of uncertainty, which in case of love Shanghai love us, we have the K It is without rhyme or reason. website, then how to do this? Don’t say such things won’t happen to me, these two times how many large-scale K station event site lying in the gun, so much love in Shanghai ranking is a Dutch act behavior. Another interpretation in fact we have been pursuing the Shanghai dragon ranking is the visibility and brand, because only the top will have more users to know us, we all favor, this is the brand effect.

in Shanghai Longfeng 3 times, two people not only concerned about the content, the chain, user experience has become the focus of everyone in the process of website construction, no matter what, you will hear some webmaster to discuss together, how can the page design their own best, how to make the best possible to retain users, provide the user viscosity, so a variety of labels, improved around the user’s various are carried out, it is also true, the website more humane, will certainly help us quite a few number of users, but we have to understand that the user is not equal to the transaction will leave. Do the best user experience is based on value based on the content of the website, why can you imagine the website to let others again and again the three visit, it is only the user experience? Imagine a supermarket service attitude is super good, but there are only 00 odd pieces of goods, for such a supermarket even if the heart to love you go? The same reason, the website construction can not blindly pursue the user experience, although it is important for us in the process of website construction step, but everyone should understand that free web content is our pursuit of ear root, strengthen the construction of website, provide the level and quality of the main business is the fundamental dynamic website profit and development.

put user experience in website content before

now owners are no longer the minority occupation, there have been more and more friends to join our camp, we make the development of the whole industry is full of competitiveness. But compared to the original US, now the webmaster input and hard degree than a better grade we may be, who created the environment. Now the webmaster do not do. But a lot of new friends in the construction site in the process will only use brute force or is considered too one-sided, the last is not proportional to their pay and reward, and sometimes even have the order reversed unclear website construction, which one is more important, and finally makes their own webmaster career come to naught.

love Shanghai ranked in the brand building before

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