Website ranking optimization the original search engine love ML label

August 30, 2017

< stressed the key words;Correct use of htML Tags:

in the past, I have seen many sites, and studied their web page htML tags, generally follows some of the most common effect is also very good.

1, Title key words: we all know that in website Title Title keywords is the most important, but in the label Title label is the most important, so that a good title can be very simple and effective expression of.


quoted content:
< title> /title> Web page title <
< meta name=" keywords" content=" />
< meta name=" description" content="
< h1> < /h1> < page theme;; h2> the theme of < /h2> < h3> /h3> <
< www…… src=" xxx.jpg" alt=" > KeyWorks "
< a href=" /& quot; title=" " > link link; < /a>
< strong> keywords stressed < /strong>
< u> /u> keywords emphasize < < em> /em>

believe that every webmaster all know the spider is through the website of the htML code to crawl and grab the content of the website, and then feedback to the search engine, so as to obtain the score in the ranking given to. So in the process we need to describe the core theme of our site is clear, they usually say Title Title keywords. So we can further attract spiders use some htML tags, keywords that are better for spider understanding so as to get good rankings in search engines, so that the reasonable tag allows web search engine keyword more attention, whether it is this website home page, column page, content page ranking is very critical. There is the author of "ML" to those who had misunderstood as another meaning webmaster said sorry, here the author says "ML" refers to htML.

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