The website keyword selection step

September 3, 2017

key to select the most reasonable target site keywords for 3-4, in the choice of target words when a lot of people love all choose high traffic keywords, this purpose is very obvious, is to the site to be able to get large flow. Idea is not wrong, but we also need to consider an optimization difficulty keywords flow problem, optimization, the corresponding difficulty is larger, longer cycle optimization. In the short term can not see the effect. In the heavy blow, how long can we hold out? This is the reason why many owners give up halfway. I recommend 4 keywords, the degree of difficulty should be difficult – in – – easy. This argument is based on the author, difficult keywords are large flow of words, is the main source of the website post user, our personal webmaster with other than the gateway station And they have a lot of financial backing, retreat or other competition promotion propaganda, web traffic is short-term surge. However, most of our personal webmaster do not have this condition, so in the early site must rely on some small flow of words to the website up so easily and moderately difficult words is required.

keyword selection step five: how to define the degree of difficulty keywords >


in Shanghai Longfeng keywords must be everyone know, select an appropriate keywords. Then the site is half success. Select a reasonable grasp the correct keywords and optimization techniques not only affect the site traffic, but also related to the efficiency of the entire optimization process. Key words: a selection step in the choice of words, first locate the site types. As the saying goes: 360, adventure.has. You really want the website for this problem, you must first think clearly. Only the location site, in order to develop the site belongs to the field of.

The importance of

keyword selection step two: determine the website industry, open the Shanghai love index, index.baidu贵族宝贝. input type of site keywords. Keywords can see the relevant information, we only need to understand the hot trend, related word retrieval, retrieval words related to the fastest rising, four pieces of information can be distributed in city.

keywords keywords can be seen from the fierce competition is hot trend in general, more than 3000 daily search words can be understood as popular keywords. Popular keywords characteristics of traffic flow, competing sites, optimize the difficulty is relatively large. The related key words display is 10 words, the 10 a hot words flow compared with the keyword for smaller, the same competition, optimize the difficulty is relatively small. The fastest rising search terms of related search terms to do a search volume rise list. City distribution, is also a keyword search user city map.

The Step three: select

Step four:




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