The initial optimization scheme of 114 gynecological medical website

September 3, 2017

Fixed label the pages in


4, building RSS

7.3 pages on the right side of the latest articles, users are most concerned about, the hospital recommended three sections (that is the number of calls all lose weight by half or even delete all).

7, due to the medical website love Shanghai to give strict monitoring, so I suggest the edit to the original + depth pseudo original two forms, the proportion of control in 3:2, updated daily 30 article, 18 original articles, 12 articles depth pseudo original articles (best all original).

6, after a detailed analysis of the site, the first location for keywords (keywords China obstetrics Net + long tail) ranked up to expand programs.

7.1 website Links all in front page display.

The edit points:

3, a website two directory forum.

7.4 贵族宝贝ask.fk114贵族宝贝.cn/9787/ similar to the page weight, all call half or even delete all.

through the analysis of competitors outside the chain is divided into four sections: Links, ordinary chain, raise resources and soft.

1, robots website does not participate in the information screening ranking off.


5, 贵族宝贝ask.fk114贵族宝贝.cn/ and 贵族宝贝zt.fk114贵族宝贝.cn/ of the title and description of re regulation.

7.2 home forum focused gynecological do popular long tail keywords (and fixed, the top).

8, the website internal structure adjustment:

9.1 Links day 3 (data to our website, and rather less than us but included snapshot quickly, snapshot must not be more than we are slow, the best.

7.5 (because it really useful to users, so should not be deleted) into JS calls.

7.5 also within each page: the "home" into "gynecological 114", the "news" column to gynecological news". The source of the "114 women" to "obstetrics and Gynecology Chinese network".

2, 404 pages.

just took over a medical website, this website is currently in Shanghai to give weight of love is very low, the analysis found that the love Shanghai granted the right down processing, to suppress love Shanghai more stringent medical site is given a preliminary optimization scheme, welcome to explore.

9, the chain arrangement.

The relevant section

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