Why are those search engines to O2O

September 3, 2017

of course, perhaps love Shanghai in the eyes of the user is unfathomable. Earlier, love Shanghai huge pound glutinous rice, so many people feel fantastic, that’s when the love Shanghai has revealed a trend for O2O transformation, confidently competition beauty group, public comments and other O2O platforms, in the search engine business based in Shanghai in addition to love is not bad money, it is not the user and combined with the search engine users 600 million drainage to the rice, the other competitors had thrown into the brain. From this reality is not difficult to see that love Shanghai has the trend of transformation to O2O.

domestic O2O as a major problem in the field of electricity providers, without the support of strong economic strength and strong technology, to develop is a hold on teeter, will face failure. After the fall in domestic Homejoy o2o Road, Google took over, said the plan is good opportunity or Google not hesitate to proceed to layout O2O, with a market for domestic O2O field, in addition to home cleaning services, Google also attempts to families more services are moving to line up, through the o2o platform the service, to the user’s home. Relative to Google search engine, is a huge challenge, but in this market has not yet been completely open, turned to O2O, is likely to become a future leader in the field of.

is more important, love Shanghai glutinous rice’s performance is not bad, before compared to year-on-year growth in revenue, bring huge visible mode of this kind of O2O commercial value, can even escape prior to rely on search business advertising benefits income situation, the most important is the core of the search engine users to connect to O2O the business model, it is much easier to succeed. So in love with sea had more O2O mode > Field

The height of

upward trend in demand for people’s daily life, for the user, all industries are pushed to the Internet, "Internet plus" will become the product of the times, even the basic necessities of life, health education and so on traditional industries to the Internet are people try, but their model most to the number of O2O. Recently, Shanghai love Google are also in the high-profile transformation of O2O, and they should take such

Google as the world’s largest search engine, is famous for its powerful search service, but recently took over the domestic O2O originator homejoy, through technical support to develop domestic O2O. The strange thing is, with Chinese Google said the love in Shanghai, also appeared in the recent big moves, has been dependent on the search unit development business dinner will also develop diversified business, and declared that the transformation of o2o, these search engines are in trouble which? I think carefully, do not be surprised on their move in the fierce competition in the Internet is probably an inevitable development result, but in the eyes of others in the transformation of search engine we have no God when they quietly struck, change too suddenly, most people are not ready to accept preparation.


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