Three rules to let users on your site never abandon.

September 3, 2017

wants a visitor to become a user to loyal users is a process, if everything is a website the most important this process can meet the needs of users, and whether it can bring out the best user, open the web page speed is fast enough, the site architecture and design is not the user love, all these factors are obtained by user visiting habits to plan a really can let users love the site, easy to use website is the website design is user oriented, through the design of website elements on the website do simple and easy to use, so the user can obtain information quickly and conveniently. You can easily find the content they need, on the contrary, one into the website to find out how the southeast northwest, so that a user has a good impression on you for? Is anyone may choose to leave.

second: easy to use website

third: brand authority

I think a lot of people in the social reality of love are compared to the contrast, so is the site.

is a useful article, can remind many people, the content to describe the content of having substance in speech, real and effective, the Shanghai City Longfeng has been focusing on is that the article must be original, write the article to original but also convincing an unconvincing article, is equivalent to this is nonsense, no help articles, such as your article is attractive, persuasive and readable articles, and these articles are written in a tutorial, write enough detailed, can really help the user to solve the problem, the user can really learn something from you in the article, then you updated daily articles on the value of the user, may every day to wait for you to update, and rare, one or two articles updated daily, or an article, then To establish a direct communication with the user, such as comment on these, I believe that for a long time, these users are your loyal fans, will visit your site every day, and even help you promote your website reprint your article.

how to keep users? The tens of thousands of people are looking for the true answer, but in the face of every hue different personality users really want to capture every user’s mental state, it is difficult to accomplish, if really can let all users through the search engine visitors flow can produce benefits, I think the webmaster or engage in marketing website friends you are estimated to have been successful in half, the other half is reflected in where? Is that the user no matter what your site will never abandon, this is the most important, why do you say such a product is worth! Trust, then the user is not to take the time to re accept another what they don’t know, because this product has solved all the needs of the needs of users, network The station is also true, so where do we start to make your website never abandon? Has the following three points:

: first the content of attraction of

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