The search engine drainage four steps of how the enemy community marketing

September 3, 2017

community marketing, now the most popular is the WeChat circle of friends, for example, community + = + community mobile phone millet, Luo fat = logic thinking…… At present, the community QQ group, circle of friends is the most common and the most widely used, in the mobile Internet, according to statistics, WeChat intelligent mobile phone coverage is 76%, QQ coverage rate of 75%, almost all of the mobile phone has the two software. So, how to do community marketing? Go is the two step in fact, is a powder, two is a decision. That is to say, as long as know the precise user, then, through word-of-mouth marketing community, users will soon be able to generate decision.

, of course, there is a very simple way, if the user has a friend familiar with the field, but also very trust him, then he will consult friends, usually a friend’s point of view can basically about the user’s decision to skip the first three steps, this is actually a social advantage.

for the new field, the user purchase behavior in the network, is a kind of mentality? A marketing expert in patients seek medical treatment as an example, from the use of search engines and then to the decision-making process needs about four, the first is hazy question, then understanding answers according to the search when the engine began to have little knowledge of independent thinking, and finally into the decision-making stage. So the marketing experts pointed out that the "promotion of the network, to the four step as the starting point, step by step guide!"


"four steps" seems reasonable, quite in line with the user’s mind, however, that there are a lot of uncertain factors, the first is to establish the "four steps" that is in an ideal condition, the same goods, in the absence of competition under the condition of the user in accordance with this mentality a little bit into the marketers carefully guide way. In fact, is not the case, if there are competitors, as do the four step in the promotion of the first step, if you choose, then the second step optimization no rivals, possible users will turn their attention to competitors, one more step is more of a competition, one more step was an uncertain, even to the end. May be a wedding dress. Secondly, the "four steps" there is a fatal disadvantage, that is completely guided through a variety of means of the characters, different users have different levels of understanding, misunderstanding or exaggerate their own once in the propaganda, this completely according to the literal form of decision for users, always skeptical. Once they find the shortcomings, even if it is a small detail flaws, users may not hesitate to choose to leave. Finally, the "four steps" appears to be very full, the reality is very skinny, search engine optimization details including love Shanghai encyclopedia, quiz, Post Bar, news source, love Shanghai experience, how to do is start from the Post Bar drainage, or start from the news source, the user of the starting point where and how to end point, this need optimization and execution capability is very strong, can really step by step, let users loyalty according to your design route

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