The collective black 360 The road of future search over thorns

September 4, 2017

recently can be said to be an eventful year, search industry companies have moves not to say, and we slobber each other is abnormal, and immediately and so on, Ali cloud and love Shanghai, everyone at the same piece of cake were kept. Now the media also joined the slobber war, in February 26th the "daily economic news" wrote specifically denounced 360, speaking of innovation is disruptive, disrupting the normal trade rules, secretly steal user data, engage in unfair competition. This article was published immediately aroused a large slope. Although the 360 has made it clear that it should be held on this matter in the end, and legal proceedings, but as a security product based business enterprise, its products are first-class media again and again, for its own brand damage is immeasurable.

and the reflection in 2013 is particularly important, because in this year, there are too many products in the market, if the 360 could not get a good market reaction, then all will be eliminated by the trend of development, all kinds of thorns and the event also expose the development of the road 360".

events are still concentrated in the user information, the "daily economic news" accused 360 does not comply with laws and regulations, and although 360 on the surface of lawsuit, seemingly justice for himself, but did not provide a demonstrative evidence in connection to 360 years, the Apple Corp once again under the frame of 360 events, really should act on their own to reflect on.

In fact, the focus of dispute

lack of cooperation on the alliance. A recent search of the industry has been rumored, Zhou Hongyi active and Sogou Wang Xiaochuan chat show, hope to get more support from Sogou that not only that, the 360 and the third party camp also increased cooperation, such as immediate, shortly before and immediately jointly issued medical platform, to the vast number of users to prove their determination to ensure the search environment, it will also love of Shanghai medical advertising innuendo. 360 active behind proves its partners in the dilemma, but in love Shanghai, since the beginning of 360 line active claims shares jointly Jinshan, Tencent, cooperative enterprises are on the search market position of the main machine has weight, not only that love Shanghai to build out a counterattack.

security is the starting point, is often the place to be criticized. A careful analysis of 360 recent series of bad news is not difficult to find all the outbreak point is focused on user privacy data, rather than what the user experience or commercial interests. But we must remember that 360 as a security product company started, the safety of the people should not become the point of attack, and 360 have been "black", which exists in the field of security short board, so the next 360 to rebuild the brand image in the market, must be in play the security card not only that, as the focus of the future development of the 360 search, the user data is greater, if 360 can not in security under the foot, then how to develop new markets.

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