The chain do point to ranking play a role

September 4, 2017

well, to say about that, but we did not say too much thought, a little point if in doubt will stimulate their interest to find the answer, because everyone is trying to find some can take hyperlinks to web sites do more anchor text link, if you don’t know to find early you can go to the A5 forum, a forum to push, push 28 forum, moon forum, linkhelper forum, Shanghai dragon I >


I think the importance of the chain in website optimization, is self-evident, but many novice or by such things as how do the chain is effective, the chain of how to improve the site weight problem of this kind of confusion, this is normal, just begin to contact the promotion when you do not understand the heart, also behind by reading many articles to share experience of previous understanding. The following you heart is with the novice friends to talk about in the chain this experience:



2. note diversification diversification, we know that some long tail keywords if optimization can also bring a lot of traffic to a site, so do we do the same anchor text, anchor text links as diverse, find some relevant keywords.



1. note: here that the correlation relativity refers to do anchor text link to the website related to your website industry! Why? Because of the same industry website recommended higher credibility, search engine will give a higher weight.

we can see a lot of people will share in some sites outside the chain in the Shanghai Longfeng exchange website, here you heart to say is screening to understand, like some website source code with JS or contain "rel=" nofollow "tag" is not necessary to send, even more. Don’t go, spider crawling; another point not to do the chain number, because many sites of low weight to the hair of the chain will not have much effect, even if domain makes you more than a few outside the chain is not much significance, no objection is made useless. So how do the chain is effective and can be helped to website rankings? Here you heart to tell new friends: is the best chain effect in the high weight can bring the hyperlink anchor text site! Link anchor text in the text is also called add fried links. The anchor text is the best way of the chain, which can guide the search engine to access your site to improve the site weight and can be very good to improve the ranking of words! But when it comes to the anchor text link when you heart to the novice friends said several points:

3. note: equal station anchor text with station anchor text is equal. We are doing outside the station anchor text and don’t neglect the station anchor text

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