The anchor text and text chain anchor text to text quantity

September 4, 2017

Shanghai Longfeng circles today, it is a very simple reason, dragons and fishes jumbled together, it seems to be a no rules of the industry, as long as a few words of nonsense, nonsense theory can also be called the statue "master"! Write down the purpose of this article is a few days ago to see an anchor text and text comparison the article, also want to talk about their own a few words.

is clearly outside the chain of less than the total, ranking the chain number more front.

The chain number

ranking (as shown by the first post, responsible for preventing the formation of some influence, so the information off screen)


and the first picture was pure text 100%, there is no anchor text

out: 贵族宝贝blog.pass贵族宝贝/ p=42


second map consists of about 65% to 35% as the anchor text, text chain.

personally think that the anchor text is still a form of the chain of the most important. This is from the chain to talk about the principle, when spiders crawl a page after page analysis, the SRC attribute in the a tag (anchor), and take away the text (anchor text), which makes the program from the statistics, statistics on the theme of the site, then the theme of the page (phase and, what words). If a pure URL. In that, only increase the "exposure, but not related to the calculation of the text" the possibility, because there is no anchor text description, in this case if the search engines need to calculate the correlation, also only through this text surrounding the text. (by the surrounding text calculation correlation, this is familiar to do image optimization counterparts, also in the anchor chain), under the condition of nature will be on the anchor text surrounding text calculation.

The chain The chain of

why some peers think better than anchor text. May be out of self cognition judgment. There are pictures really, two figure to compare.


why there will be some so-called peers mistakenly believe that the text is the best form of the chain chain.

!Please indicate the

of the first picture is 21669, second pictures for the chain number is 1247

is the anchor text to text rather than pure text, magnitude of the accumulation of the easy, so give people a sense of pure text is better?

Shanghai dragon?

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